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December 20, 2011

House Republicans Come Through in “Put Up or Shut Up” Time on Spending Bill

by RogueOperator

House Republicans are staking themselves out as considerably more conservative than their duplicitous invertebrate counterparts in the Senate. The GOP in the Senate recently passed a “compromise” bill that would see Americans chuck out another trillion for left-wing goodies, including increases or only slight cuts in numerous federal programs. But the House has since denied the Senators their holiday stocking stuffers.

The House was said to have approved the continuing resolution to keep the government from “shutting down” (oh. my. god.), and was set to approve the full version of the bill, which would have included:

• $8.4 billion for EPA, a $223 million cut over last year

• $518 billion for the Pentagon, an increase of $5 billion over last year

• $850 million for counterinsurgency aid in Pakistan

• $5 billion for AIDS

• $32 billion for energy and water programs

• $21 billion for agencies that regulate banking

• $12 billion for Treasury, a cut of $882 million over last year

• $71 billion for Education, a $153 million cut over last year

• $42 billion for the State Dept​. and Foreign Operations

• $3 billion for Israel

• $39 billion for Homeland Security that includes nearly $12 billion for Customs and Border Patrol and nearly $6 billion for Immigration and Custom Enforcement.

But before the deal could be sealed, the Senate version was declared unworkable. Part of the controversy was the payroll holiday, which was slated to transpire for two months. One reason for such a short holiday, as Rush Limbaugh explained on his show, is that the politicians want to bring it back up for campaign season. (In other words, they want to play Santa Claus with our own money.)

The hitch: House Republicans say the bill would cause widespread financial disruption. House Whip Eric Cantor explains:

Now the bill is back in the Senate. But Harry Reid refuses to come back to Washington so that the true “compromise” bill can be hammered out. Representative Allen West, who once understandably offered President Obama a debate “any place, anywhere, anytime,” shows the right tenor regarding the Congressional hijinx:

H/T American Freedom.

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