Adam Carolla & Larry Miller Talk Chicago Way of Corruption in Obama Administration

Talk show host Adam Carolla and comedian Larry Miller discuss the Chicago Way of corruption in the Obama administration. Carolla’s contention is that today’s politicians are still living in a 1940s world, not fully understanding the nature of modern media.

A thought-provoking idea by Carolla is to start paying politicians more to “go straight,” as his sidekick Allison commented. My proposition is that all Americans in a district contribute one dollar to politicians to remain faithful and not take bribes and kickbacks from corporations, unions, and other special interests. An honest president could retire after four years as a billionaire.

Herman Cain vs. Barack Obama: The Gangsta Debate

David Allen Grier was on the Adam Carolla Show and an extremely racist and extremely hilarious sketch broke out between Herman Cain and Barack Obama in an imagined future debate. It goes gangsta in a hurry.

Don’t watch this with kids or your boss around. You were forewarned.