House Republicans Come Through in “Put Up or Shut Up” Time on Spending Bill

House Republicans are staking themselves out as considerably more conservative than their duplicitous invertebrate counterparts in the Senate. The GOP in the Senate recently passed a “compromise” bill that would see Americans chuck out another trillion for left-wing goodies, including increases or only slight cuts in numerous federal programs. But the House has since denied the Senators their holiday stocking stuffers.

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Republican Whip Eric Cantor Slows Down STOCK Act

Earlier we mentioned the groundbreaking work of Breitbart editor Peter Schweizer, whose reporting helped in part to drive support for the STOCK Act, which would prohibit Congressmen from engaging in insider trading.

Although the bill was initially able to gain at least 127 sponsors, the Act hit a roadblock when Cantor’s committee maneuvers forced a delay in the bill’s mark-up. CNBC’s Squawk Box reports.

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