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December 10, 2011

New York Times Pens Occupy Paean In Desperate Bid to Re-radicalize Movement

by RogueOperator

The flames of the Occupy Wall Street movement have fizzled down to a series of pathetic flares. The winds of Thor are blowing cold, and the Democrat Party is intent on giving no quarter. Word has gotten out that the Democrat Party may keep the Occupiers away from its national convention.

Such has sparked a rekindling of outrage in the bastardized movement of the bastardized president. The hippie sojourners of the New York Times have sought to redirect this scattered anger at the Democrat Party, and particularly, President Obama.

Comparing the potential implications for the all-too-visible Occupy Wall Street freak show as the volatile preconditions to another 1968, the Times wants to re-energize Obama’s base by turning them against the president.

If this doesn’t make sense, bear with me. The enthusiasm gap between Democrat voters and Republican voters has been wide and will likely widen again after the nominee is settled. Conservatives are willing to walk over broken glass to vote out President Obama, while Democrats, and especially the duped youthful unemployed, are disenchanted and demoralized.

The first step to firing these intellectual proletariat up was to scapegoat Wall Street for the bailouts and stimulus the U.S. government willingly gave to the politicians’ corporate and bankster cronies. The second step was to bring union and radical organization involvement in to bring the exceedingly bright grassroots troopers together and subject them to a combination of isolation, sleep deprivation, radical indoctrination and organization. The third step was to use this movement to fuse away some of the populist energy of the tea party, namely, with veiled class warfare rhetoric. But that move has failed.

Despite good media coverage, Occupy has been discovered by the American people to be a bad movement. Sure, it may be a test run for 2012, but it’s not the case of a car model that needs a bit of ornamentation in order to sell. It needs a new engine, transmission, shocks, struts, tires – an entire overhaul.

No, these young fools won’t be jettisoned. The Democrats may not want them to come ’round the DNC, but they will put them to use. The Occupiers may look bad because they are a bunch of unhygienic idiots and would-be psychiatric ward inmates, but they do have a penchant for law-breaking and socialist-friendly views. They thus may be idiots, but they’re still useful idiots.

So the Democrat Party and its media mouthpieces are going to piss these Occupy Wall Street people off. Big time. They may temporarily point them against the president, to get them mad that they’ve been “sold out,” but in the end they’ll vote for him. Oh yes, they’ll vote. After the media gets done savaging the Republican Party nominee, they’ll vote. But only if they’re motivated and adequately angry.


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