Money’s On the Table, Chocolate: Democrat Party May Ban Occupiers from Its Convention

Drudge Report has linked a story that the Democrat Party, the same one that has widely spoken out in favor of the so-called “movement,” including the President himself, may not even allow the Occupiers to attend its convention.

That’s got to hurt, huh? To get passed around by the corporate-backed president and his Fed buddies, and not even get let into the party?

The problem is, Occupawns, you’re a bunch of disgraced whores for the political class. Why do you think they loved you so much when you were the new girl in school, but after discovering you’re a slut with a bad case of syphillus and gonorrhea, they’ve dumped you for the union professionals?

This was more predictable than a late season Mets collapse.  And now that they’ve used you to energize the base, America has found out that the base is pretty darn fugly. Freaks, geeks, and losers rallying for freebies for months on end, pooping on police cars and spreading heretofore unknown communicable diseases, doesn’t exactly appeal to mahhhderates.

So now it’s time to learn a hard lesson. Like porn stars who are broken by the adult film industry and decide to return to a life of the Lord, it’s time for your “come to Jesus” moment.

Here’s the clue-in: Anti-capitalism is not anti-establishment. Socialists love the power you morons want to give the government, because then they can rig the system even more on behalf of the oligarchs.

But wait, I’ve got it all wrong? You want to go after the “rich,” and that’s going to sustain an economy? For how long? And the solution is to give that money to the government, an institution with an army, in order to redistribute? Okay, fine. Now where are the jobs going to come from? The government is going to provide them? So the big idea is to take money from a bunch of rich men without guns, give it to fewer rich men with guns, and then expect utopia to commence? Good luck with that, pot smokers.

Now pick you your panties, wipe that gawdy make-up off your faces, and get to church. But not before stopping by the public library and picking up a copy of the Constitution.

And your money’s on the table, chocolate.


2 thoughts on “Money’s On the Table, Chocolate: Democrat Party May Ban Occupiers from Its Convention

  1. “Your Money’s on the dresser, Chocolate” – from The Bird Cage. For those who are reading this fine post and trying to call from memory why that phrase is so familiar.

    Those kids from OWS are getting a lot of lessons this year and add this to the list – Alinsky rule #9 (the threat is usually more terrifying than the thing itself). They were being used by the Dems to threaten and scare but we were not fooled.

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