Rainbow Six Patriots: Distraction from the Real Terrorists

Rainbow Six Patriots is an action game generating some buzz for its plotline of opposing a counter-terrorism task force and a violent terrorist organization comprised of American citizens. Though the terrorists in the game are distinctly fighting for the class warfare cause, it can be imagined that the terrorists are right-wing militia or “tea baggers.”

What the left wants is for us to concentrate on each other instead of on the government. If a game comes out where the right can fantasize about stopping OWS terrorists, and the OWSers can fantasize about taking out extremist “tea baggers,” then the government wins.

The real problem is the U.S. government spending trillions in money we don’t have. Sensible Americans have lived in terror for the last three years, thanks to the non-stop spending binge of Washington, unmanageable debt, rampant unemployment, more undeclared aggressive wars, and infringements on our civil liberties. We need to worry more about the Feds, the Dems, and the RINOs than the street rabble.

Enjoy the game, but don’t get too absorbed with the concept of shooting fellow American citizens who may be confused about the current political situation.