Wrong Way Obama: Far More Say America Off Track Than Under Bush

Recent polling shows that far more Americans believe their country is heading in the wrong direction under Obama than at any time under Bush. Currently, 23% say America is heading in the “right” direction, and 71.2% believe we are going the wrong way – a 49 point gap. The widest negative spread under Bush was 34 points in November 2007.

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Congress Threatens Obama’s Politburo of Czars

The U.S. House has passed a budget containing language that would strip President Obama of his stable of unelected, unconfirmed “czars.” The $1 trillion budget also contains a provision forcing Obama to make a decision on the Keystone pipeline within 60 days.

Although the measure is expected to pass the Senate, President Obama may resort to his bag of tricks and pull a signing statement overriding the bill’s language.  As the left liked to point out about George W. Bush’s use of the maneuver, the practice is widely considered to be unconstitutional.

Weasel Zippers relays:

The U.S. House approved a $1 trillion spending bill on a 296-121 vote to fund the federal government’s operations through Sept. 30. As part of a compromise struck late Thursday, the funding bill specifically prohibits “czars” related to health care, climate change, the auto industry and urban affairs.

The Senate is expected to pass the measure on Saturday.

This is what the Republicans should have been doing since they took over the House. Try to force Obama to veto otherwise popular legislation or popular provisions of legislation. This puts Obama on the record as adverse to real job creation and economic growth.

Meet the New Boss, Same as the Old Boss: Obama Orders Assassination of American Citizen

Who knew the Hopenchangenfuhrer would follow up the “Hitleresque” Bush regime with extra-juridical assassinations, drone bombings galore, and even more undeclared war? The recent high-level decision to terminate a problematic American without trial ends any and all debate that the new boss is any different than the old boss, at least when it comes to foreign policy.

The interminable wailing and gnashing of teeth over such Bush-era policies as extraordinary rendition, Guantanamo Bay detention, waterboarding, and overly aggressive romps like Abu Ghraib have been thrown by the wayside to accommodate a fundamentally transformational president with unimpeachably radical credentials.

But it is getting more than a little glaring that all the fervor for “anti-war” demonstrations characterizing the leftwing agit-prop machine under the former president has now fizzled down to such a murmuring grumble it makes one wonder if all the previous hub-bub amounted to no more than anti-Republican demonstrations. If so, this lay bears the absolutely cynical, vicious, and remorseless nature of the organized left for all to see. So much for marking out the moral high ground. [Continued on Political Crush]

Obama’s Audacity of Hope Scrapped for Audacity of Provocation

President Obama’s recent press conference, as insidious as it was, has been helpful in elucidating the darker aspects of the man’s nature. Even relatively liberal pundits, by American political standards, are beginning to notice a shift away from the ‘hope and change’ rhetoric that contributed to his election victory in 2008 to the employment of incendiary agitprop that was surely a crucial component of his activities as a community organizer before he formally entered the world of politics.

While observers noticed Obama’s use of “class warfare” to pit Americans against one another, a paleomarxist maneuver, he is more accurately a cultural marxist, and as such, he has more often invoked “race warfare”; for example, by calling on Latinos to “punish their enemies” (presumably meaning white Republicans). Numerous associates of Obama have demonized his political opposition, specifically, the “tea party,” as “racist.” By allowing his associates to do the dirty work, Obama thus far had kept himself a relatively transcendental figure above the fray. By recently employing more fractious rhetoric, Obama has gotten down into the trenches with his enemies, a strategy that could backfire. Such lowering himself from the ethereal heights into the politically mundane could erode the “cult of personality” that has kept him aloof from the kind of criticism that can “lay a glove on him.” His recent dip in approval ratings may somewhat reflect his change in rhetorical direction from the elusively transcendent to the directly confrontational.

Lord Obama Unveils Decree Contemning ‘Unregulated Spirits’

Let it be here decreed that in the fifty-seventh year of the reign of Obama I (also known as Obama the Meek, Obama the Temperate, and Obama the Articulate), the dutiful minions of the Red Horde, in full allegiance of their duty to the State, shall carry out the King’s commandment that there shall henceforth be no ‘unregulated Spirits’ other than are authorized by The One, The Only, Lord Barrack Hussein-Soetero Obama I.

The State being all compassion, all wisdom, and all generosity, spontaneous human emotion is a frustration of the will of the State, as manifest in the singular reign of Obama the All-Knowing.

Of late having noticed a scourge of “sharing,” the Hordes shall be duly authorized to prevent this obviation of the highest duty of the plebes to the throne; as has been decreed prior, in all commercial and non-commercial exchanges, the plebes are to contribute taxes, which are to be used munificently to be returned back to the plebes at whatever discretion Obama the Just shall see fit.

Whatever shall be necessary to the plebe shall be provided to the plebe, and if the plebe requireth more, he shall pay for it by the sweat of his brow, or in Obama Reserve Credits (ORCs), whichever the plebe sees fit; in accordance with the spirit of Freedom that rules this fair province.

As in regards to “helping” those in a state of need or urgency, it shall hardly needs be pointed out that the State has specialized workers to provide those services, and one mustn’t tolerate those of the wrong caste cutting into the State’s business.  If men attempt to help others of their own accord, they prevent the maximum utilization of State services, and the full employment of State workers.

Therefore, those who help others without prior authorization are subverters; and spontaneous “helping” is henceforth banned, in the interest of specialization of role in society, and thus, efficiency.

Love being a biased emotion, and leading to particular fidelity to another person perhaps unassociated with the State, that is to say, unassociated with Obama the Magnificent, it shall henceforth also be banned.  It might rightly be said that ‘Love is Treason.’ Loving one particular man or woman deprives from the “love pie” and thus takes away from others their fair share.  The offender who loves one man or woman at the expense of society will thus have his love redistributed to the masses.  This shall take the form of public sodomization to those whom shall find pleasure in such exercise; the Lord Obama himself having primae noctis.

Likewise, all “charity” is to be seized by the State; for what is charity but the selfish redirection of resources away from the State, towards those whom the State has already determined to be undeserving? Charity is the business of the State, and the Lord Obama shall not tolerate rival competitors to the State’s business.

In addition, there shall be no hope in any thing but the State; for what is hope in something besides the State, but a lack of hope in the State? And by extension, what is faith in anything but the Lord Obama, but the lack of faith in the Lord Obama? A public lack of confidence being unconducive to the peaceful and unopposed exercise of the general will of the rulers, hope and faith in anything but the State is likewise banned.

In sum, by decree of Obama I, the unregulated emotions of love, hope, and faith are henceforth banned, along with the social scourges those emotions give rise to, namely, sharing, helping, and charity. 

So let it be written, so let it be done.

Lord Barrack Hussein-Soetero Obama I, May 1st, 2063

The End of Satire?

When the Soviet Union collapsed, political scientist Francis Fukuyama wrote a famous (or if you’re a communist, infamous) piece entitled “The End of History.” Has the UN just given us a moment that future writers will brand “The End of Satire”?

In a move surely designed to pander to the swelling cockroach vote, the aspiring global governance body has re-defined those falling under its guardianship: all life on the planet. Just in case anything thought it could escape the latte-sipping tyrants’ grasp, the United Nations (who would’ve thunk it?) just penned a paean to its chief object of concern: The spinning hunk of inanimate matter it has deified as “Gaia.” Where does a satirist go from here?

After insisting that human beings can adjust the climate of the planet like we do our thermostats in the winter (or did), while the atheists labeled anyone disagreeing as a ‘heretic,’ many political satirists thought there was nowhere left to turn.  Yet the foppish charlatan Al Gore proved fodder-ready for satire with his gross hypocrisy on climate and Internetary matters (after all, Gore essentially invented teleconferencing). But when the left seemingly took a respite from cramming its consensual fairy tales down the public’s throat, the satire industry again experienced a downturn.

Satirists were looking for a savior, and they thought they had found him in Barack Obama; but this seemingly easy target was too found wanting, due to the president’s own bid to make all ridicule and satire of the political left obsolete. Not a day went by when a promising satirical essay on  The Democrats was torn up, and the entire creative process begun again from scratch.

The environmentalists were still nuts, through it all; a reliable go-to for satirical essayists, with the enviros’ paranoiac delusions about inorganic foods, PETA activism at the expense of animal testing for human health concerns, petitions to ban monohydrogen dioxide, a target-rich environment indeed. But declaring as equals bugs, algae, and those less-equal-than-others we call human beings, the UN has essentially put itself out of the reach of political satirists forever.  The eco-wackos may have steered into the skid one too many times, to parcel a phrase from master of ironic phraseology Dennis Miller.

The granting of equal rights to practically everything in the universe has made the entire concept of rights obsolete. And that, indeed, is no laughing matter.

State Politics Outshine Federal Politics

As Wisconsin’s law eliminating collective bargaining hangs in legislative limbo, a similar law is in the process of being passed in Ohio. This follows several Republican governors’ call for a Balanced Budget Amendment that would limit how much the federal government could seize in taxes on a yearly basis. The state governments could provide some much needed course correction to offset a federal government (including both parties) that refuses to seriously curb spending.

This country was meant to have a truly federal structure of government with divided powers and checks and balances so New Yorkers could be New Yorkers and Iowans could be Iowans. This entails each people’s representative governments would be forced to live within their means and to pursue successful policies or suffer the consequences. What subverts this natural feedback process is two-fold: the creation and dispensation of imaginary money from the federal government, allowing people to live at the expense of the future; and the extension of socialistic principles from the individual to the state governmental level.

Under a socialistic government, not only are people forced to live at the expense of everyone else, but governments likewise. Under the Soviet regime, national economies were highly specialized and trade was coordinated through Moscow. This prevented each state from becoming autarkic enough (especially in such fields as energy) to easily break away and to become economically self-reliant and thus politically independent. But at least the USSR can be credited with desiring to strengthen local economies, in theory; the current United States government appears to be on an anti-capitalistic tear, particularly in the energy, manufacturing, banking, medical and housing sectors, which is damaging America’s ability to correct its economic situation.

Capitalism is no less than a feedback mechanism using currency that ensures that the goods and services being rendered are actually desired. Subverting capitalism breaks this feedback mechanism and places arbitrary fiat in its stead. Voluntary labor and trade is replaced with cajoling and even flat compulsion.

The natural feedback mechanism compelling state governments to respect scarcity and to live within their citizens’ means will be further distorted if the immense regulatory headache of Obamacare is imposed. An economy is literally not “sustainable” when it moves from an economy based on the free and willing employment of labor to the coercive schemes of central planners. Planners cannot know what people want on a moment-to-moment basis, and thus cannot fulfill their happiness. Imposed equality, or even bureaucratic nepotism and cronyism, does not and cannot make people happy. People are happiest when they maximize their efforts and willingly suffer to attempt the attainment of personal greatness according to their own standards. This is why the American Dream attracted immigrants from around the globe. Have Americans forgotten their shining past so quickly under the radically transformative regime of Barack Obama? We will find out in 2012.

But if Obama is re-elected, a real possibility, there is still some hope in that both the Congress and the Supreme Court will possess some elements of sanity. And the greatest balancers of all may be the state governments. As long as there are good men, there is hope for good government. Americans, slow to rile, are being compelled to impose their will on the governments. This is a healthy thing, and could bode well in the long-term if we are long-suffering and continually vigilant as a people.

Freedom’s Just Another Word, Just Like Idiocy

Eugene Robinson recently penned an article entitled “Freedom’s Just Another Word.”

True, but so’s “idiocy.”

In this ode to slapdash sophistry he writes, “The conservative mantra has been: Obama Is Always Wrong.”

Mr. Robinson, that’s not the conservative mantra, that’s cold, hard reality. We can leave race out of this, like 99.9% of conservatives already do, by observing Obama’s actions and how effectively they have solved America‘s problems.

We can briefly state the problems Obama inherited from Bush as the following: a deteriorating housing market, 7% and rising unemployment, a credit crunch, rising gas prices, a weak dollar, escalating debt, and two foreign wars.

Perhaps you would like to use that razor-sharp intellect and silver-tongue of yours to explain to me what problem it is that President Obama has solved?

The first thing that surely leaps to mind for a scribbling dissembler like yourself in response to such a question would be the need for a scapegoat. But just who would that scapegoat be, Mr. Robinson?

Would it be the House, where Obama’s Democrat Party maintained a sizable majority? Or would it be the Senate, which was effectively filibuster-proof?

Or would it be the uprising masses, whose spontaneous expressions of democratic sentiment are so noticeably detested and decried in your articles? For the tea party is not nearly as lauded for the democratic-freedom sentiment that this latest installment of yours so conveniently invokes for the Egyptian people; democracy and freedom being two sentiments this article also conveniently conflates.

Where are these demonstrations of statesman-like quality you would have us fantasize of this celebrated street agitator who became president?

Is it in his capacity for American apologias? Were that the hallmark of a great president, then Obama stands colossally above the rest.

What of his capacity for obfuscation and deception? The man has a rare gift for extolling the virtues of the wondrous debt-fighting program Obamacare.

What are we to make of his capacity to take control in a crisis? There is oil awash all over the gulf as testament to his skills.

His steadfast dedication to democracy movements? The Iranian people thank him.

And what of his commitment to the rule of law? The Honduran people are obliged as well.

Surely the miraculous effects of Obama’s stimulus saved the nation from going under? Trillions of dollars later, so many no longer need to work that the unemployment rate is only slightly more than expected.

You get the idea. But surely we conservatives are so dull we cannot imagine a standard by which to measure Obama’s success? One not based on the sheer accident of his slightly dark skin?

Destroying Constitutional liberty, our freedoms, and America’s future? By those standards, Obama is the most successful president ever.

The Leviathan Express

We are hurtling headlong into the statist abyss forewarned by our founding fathers. As Thomas Jefferson recognized that “The natural progress of things is for liberty to yield and government to gain ground.”

In this regard, the government can be likened to a speeding train possessing a kind of inertia. Its tendency is not to rest on a foundation of perpetual liberty, but to accelerate with increasing hubris into every aspect of human life.

It takes a great deal of effort for the train of government to be set into motion. Its engine of coercion animates the machinery of state: it drives the escalating taxation, the dependency of welfare state programs, the propaganda organs of public schools and colleges, the adventurism of endless wars.

As such, Barack Obama is not the engineer of our impending national demise, but the latest conductor on a long train of abuses. You see, if Obama left office tomorrow, not much would change in a government that has been systematically lying to us in earnest since the Wilson administration.

The lubrication of the state is the big lie. Debt itself is a kind of lie that people tell themselves that their way of life is somehow sustainable. The welfare state is the lie that nearly half the American public are incapable of providing for themselves. (This in an economy that see five percent unemployment in “normal” periods of free market capitalism. Try to design a system of human affairs that runs at ninety-five percent efficiency, better than the ordered liberty of true capitalism.) Public education is built on lies that exalt the state, and diminish liberty. Wars justified by self-defense become wars of expediency, and ends in themselves.

America has been on a crash course with reality ever since the Fed engineers started shoveling dollars into the Leviathan Express. That was long before we puffed pass the Potemkin villages of the progressive imagination. Behind the shoddy facades of the New Deal and the Great Society, we saw the human wreckage of welfare dependents with nowhere to go but sideways. Yet the smiling visage of the heroic FDR with throngs of supplicating citizens at his feet made such a pleasant backdrop in our periphery as we thumbed over our pages of Look magazine. The ups and downs, the starts and stops, no one dared question that we were all being taken for a ride.

The train accelerated and national exhilaration pumped our hearts with fresh blood. We felt alive again. We had a sense of mission as a people and all was full steam ahead. But as winter set in, an unfamiliar chill froze our breath in mid-air. The attendant stopped in from time to time to make sure that we were comfortable, to offer us some chamomile, and to engage in some idle conversation.

Then came the entertainers. A television was installed in every car to occupy our minds. The car attendants served fresh bread and jam. America was getting fat and happy.

Then the train psychologists and social workers stopped by to make sure all was well. In between the awkward laughs and specious socializing, inquisitive passengers faintly noticed through the window that the picturesque vistas of our nation’s youth were fading. Some detected in the scenery haphazard signs that something was awry. Not enough to mention in polite conversation, but there it was.

It wasn’t until the train approached the ghost town of Carterville when people sat up and began to pay attention. Keynesian bandits conducted a daring raid on the train, hitting up the passengers and carrying off heaping bags of gold. Beneath the clumsy disguises, one could see the impudent mustaches so characteristic of Europeans. As they rode off into the sunset, the Feds shot and shot until they ran out of bullets. In the luxury car where the whiskey-breathed elites consorted, a butler later discovered a pistol laying on a poker table. It was filled with blanks.

In the aftermath of the robbery, there was a time when all appeared right with the world. We had a president who spoke platitudes so familiar to the American people, and who even reflected some of their values, for the first time in a long time. It was a fleeting period that soon passed.

We are now on a speeding train and the increasingly disturbing scenery is flying by our windows so fast that we don’t even have time to take it all in. The attendant now comes with a gun instead of chocolates, and empties our wallets and purses. The toothy grin once so charming has now worn thin.

We are also alarmed to find the train is not going in a direction of our choosing. Perhaps it was an illusion that we were in control all along. The Liberty line was switched some time ago, and we now see the signs of Tyranny and Terror adorning a wasteland of broken promises and shattered lives. Up ahead, we see a tunnel, a black void threatening to swallow us whole. If there is any way off of this train, we better jump now. There are no promises that it’s not going to hurt.