The Open Internet is History if Congress Gets Its Way

Great ideas flourish in freedom. Such is the case with the history of the Internet, which went from a limited defense-oriented model adopted and adapted by the Pentagon to secure information through diffusion to the commercial engine of the Information Age.

But with great success comes an overwhelming temptation for the state, an institution founded on coercion and theft, to exploit whatever is making a buck and to shut down or otherwise control whatever it deems to be a threat. Open communication and open commerce are the antithesis of the authoritarian state, and the Internet’s shining success is a rebuff to the statists who propagate the lie that anything they don’t control is doomed to failure. Continue reading “The Open Internet is History if Congress Gets Its Way”


Rush Limbaugh Endorses Ron Paul’s Restore America Economic Plan

Rush Limbaugh endorsed Ron Paul’s Restore America economic plan, which the conservative talk grand poobah touted as showing the Republican presidential field what a “serious fiscal reform plan” looks like. The plan includes freezing government agency budgets at 2006 levels, the EPA cut by 30%, the FDA by 40%, foreign aid zeroed out, and the Pentagon budget slashed. Much federal welfare would be block granted to the states, while the federal workforce would be reduced by 10%.

Rush claimed that Ron Paul doesn’t really own these ideas, which is laughable.  For the record, Ron Paul is a libertarian Republican.