Jumping the Shark: Perry Taps Tebow Aura to Garner Evangelical Vote

Cynical, desperate, and hilarious.

Tim Tebow is a football player, and a gifted athlete. Rick, you are a bad politician with a bad haircut and worse debating skills. If there is a God, He doesn’t care about Denver Broncos football, and certainly trying to derive some vicarious benefit from the St. Tebow phenomenon will get you nowhere but a few laughs on late night television.

Stick to the subjects: the manmade climate change hoax, illegal immigration, gun rights, Obamacare, spending and the national debt, the horrible economy under President Obama, and what you would do to ease unemployment. If you want to proselytize, go to Church.


Rogue Govt debates Larry O’Connor on Foreign Policy

There needs to be more serious, substantive public debate in the Republican Party about America’s foreign policy in the Middle East. Unfortunately, Ron Paul has been the dissident voice in the GOP, and he expresses a hardline neo-isolationist point-of-view. There are other options, such as a strong deterrence model.

In a brief debate with Breitbart TV editor Larry O’Connor, I lay out the main interventionist options Americans have for effectively dealing with Islamist terrorism. What we have now is a mixed approach doomed to failure. The other half of the debate left unsaid is what the United States does for itself to make it more culturally secure and assertive.