Rogue’s Call on Dana Show: AlGore Unhinged and Why Democrats are Democrats (Because they’re stupid)

Plus: Rick Santelli slaps around infobabe on CNBC, the brutal electoral beatdown of Democrats in Wisconsin, Al Gore‘s hysterical rant, my call, and the cherry on top – Al Sharpton‘s “Resist We Much!”

Rogue Talks Obama’s Filthy Golf Habit, Baconol, and Debt Limit with Dana Loesch

Rogue had the pleasure of chatting with the lovely Dana Loesch about various topics that happened to pop into his ADHD-addled mind the minute he engaged the tea party’s talk radio goddess.

Rogue Operator on The Dana Show July 9, 2011

Among the topics on the table was….mmm, bacon! With bacon prices being driven through the rafters by ethanol subsidies, Rogue suggests we just literally go for broke and subsidize baconol – a deliciously potent form of energy that you can either drink by the canister or pour into your baconol-converted hybrid.

Baconol – put a little pork in your petroleum.

The best thing about baconol subsidies is you fight global warming two ways: by not burning fossil fuels, and by taking methane-gas emitting swine out of existence.  You make the warminists happy, the vegans happy, and the air quality freaks happy. Win-win-win.

Which brings us to Obama‘s claim that the uncertainty about the debt limit ceiling is hurting job creation. I wager that 90% of Americans who even know about the debt ceiling never even heard of it until a few months ago. So what was hurting job creation all those months before?

I swear, this administration lives off of statements that are what I would call “resistant to analysis.” No concept of causation, no way to prove or disprove them. (See “jobs saved or created”…)

Sweet dreams of bacon weaves and Obamaless tomorrows.

Rogue Chats Up Radio Babe Dana Loesch on Revisionism, Iron Man II and Transformers III

Sounds like an incomprehensible mess, doesn’t it? Just listen.

RogueOperator on The Dana Show 6-5-11

There wasn’t enough time to cover something so relatively arcane, but the cultural marxists on the New Left cherry pick from Nietzsche‘s nihilist point of view, but slough off his individualistic moments and advocacy of ‘heroic myths’ to combat the void of amorality in supposed “post-God” society. Marvel Comics’ series of films, along with Sci-Fi action blockbusters like Transformers, are turning out to be one of the greatest affronts to the whining oikophobia of Hollywood. People go the movies to have fun and escape, not to be chided like a bunch of schoolchildren about how how evil America is and how they’re not doing enough. Kind of explains how conservative films like Iron Man II and Transformers are kicking the lefty films’ rear-ends at the box office, doesn’t it?