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September 24, 2013

The King of the Freeloaders

by Kyle Becker

As Karl Marx once quoted Goethe “everything that exists deserves to perish.” And it is exactly that petulant and craven mentality birthed by the king of the freeloaders that conservatives are up against.

The “progressive” notion of freedom is freedom from responsibility. It is hard to see eye-to-eye with “progressives” and perfectly understandable that they have no regard for the truth in their quest to make everyone else pay for their stuff and to never be held accountable for the damage they cause society.

It’s all about their “intentions,” don’t you know, as they ignore history, Nature, the will of the people, the lessons of political philosophy, the letter of the law and truth itself.

For whatever may result from “progressives'” actions, it’s always society’s fault; that is to say, everyone else’s fault. Whatever may go awry with their policies, it’s always their “conservative” opposition’s fault. Something always needs to be paid for, but with other people’s time, money, labor, blood, sweat and aggravation. Something has to be done — but by someone else. And if it doesn’t get done — saboteurs must have obstructed it.

There can be nothing but animosity between makers and takers, which puts the lie to their facade of “unity”: the Democrat Party openly brags about the “justice” of 51% paying federal income taxes for the 49%, the “compassion” of over 49% on federal aid, and the “benefit” of 48% of Obamacare participants getting subsidies.

These things have to come from somewhere; but the unseen costs are seldom appreciated by the reflexive progressives. They never understand that their giving away of free stuff comes at such a heavy price — the wrecked communities, the wasted lives, and the emptying treasury. We’re not even talking about a ‘socialism for the workers’ at this point; we’ve hit the point where we’re talking about socialism for the non-workers.

The Democrats are bribing voters to the tune of hundreds of trillions by some estimates, and have been for decades, in exchange for people merely giving up their freedom. Such an easy trade: the unseen for the tangible. The future for ornate shreds of printed paper. The cold payday for the cold comfort of seeing through another tomorrow. But this stolen responsibility comes on borrowed time, as the debt piles up and the things we buy get more expensive on a weaker dollar. It’s ingenious, because all the resultant misery can all be blamed on “greed.”

But is it the “greed” of the producers who want to be recompensed in kind for their value that is wrecking the nation? Or is the “greed” of politicians who are abusing the force of the state to raid future treasuries and to dispatch the imaginary funds to increasingly impoverished voters?

Ultimately, our children will pay for such greed with their life’s opportunities. There can be no reward for creativity or striving to be the best one can be in an economy dominated by an ossified, petty and domineering bureaucracy. The system dissolves in entropy borne of apathy; and as stasis sets in, the political community sinks into the ash heap of history.

That is the intention of socialism. But the question is: Does the state ever wither away? Does the utopian dawn come, phoenix-like, to rescue people from themselves? Ask the tens of millions who followed Marxism and perished along with it.

It’s a dead philosophy for dead people. But hey — hope and change.


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