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May 26, 2013


Conservatives Should Not Give Up

by Kyle Becker

After President Obama came to power, he ran trillion dollar deficits every year, doubled spending, exploded the national debt, downgraded the country’s credit rating, and sought to remove the debt limit, permanently.

Unemployment slowly declines because of the record numbers of Americans giving up, joblessness is endemic in the black community, women are losing their jobs in droves, and over half of young grads won’t find a job in their fields. Although the president and his Democrat Party have had majority control since 2006, the Republicans are blamed for all that goes wrong and the Democrats receive credit for all that somehow goes right (and notice there’s not a lot of that going around).

President Obama effectively gave amnesty to illegal aliens, unilaterally compromising our national sovereignty, and forced a healthcare bill down our throats that will limit choice, ruin the doctor-patient relationship, wreck the medical industry, and cost three times what was originally promised — after the president said that healthcare costs will bankrupt the country.

In addition, the president hung diplomats and security personnel out to dry at Benghazi before going fundraising in Las Vegas, and then tried to cover his tracks. He refused for weeks to call the 9/11 anniversary raids on our embassies and missions “terrorist attacks,” instead blaming a pathetic YouTube video, and even announcing at the UN that the “future does not belong to those who slander the Prophet Muhammad.”

This, while Gitmo is still open, the Patriot Act has been renewed twice, extraordinary rendition continues, and the NDAA suggests the president seeks power to detain or even kill suspected terrorists — American citizens included — without trial. His government is collecting and storing data on all American citizens, whether suspected of any crime or not. The Department of Justice gave assault weapons to drug cartels, killing hundreds in the process, apparently with the intent of making the case for stronger gun control laws. After a tragic shooting in Newtown, the leftwing media wasted no time making their irrational case for stronger gun laws. The push was defeated — for now.

The Constitution is tattered, the justice system is co-opted, the economy is largely nationalized, private property is obsolete, the currency is debauched, the debt is skyrocketing, the schools are indoctrination centers, the universities are propaganda mills, the news media are largely absent, national security is compromised, our wars overseas are without end, the government is unrepentantly corrupt, journalists are being spied upon, citizens are being harassed by the IRS, the party system is broken, and the free speech necessary to alert our fellow citizens is being stifled by political correctness.

How did we arrive at the precipice of national ruin, and what is the ultimate solution to the challenges that confront those who prize liberty? No one has all the answers, but we must work together to find them and to communicate them to others. No matter how hard or frustrating or risky to our careers or our reputations, we have to fight back. We cannot give up on this country, on our children, or on our fellow Americans.

It is time for the American conservative to face a few hard truths. It is irrelevant whether the progressive believes himself to be a friend of the working class or a liberator of men or an erector of utopias or the usherer in of a new world order of perpetual peace and universal “social justice.” The effect of progressive policies are exactly like those that would be designed by the worst enemy of freedom, liberty, prosperity, and success of the United States imaginable. They will bring the nation financial ruin and internecine squabbling or worse.

The progressives’ views presumably revolve around empathy and compassion; but they are also resistant to any rational arguments or those that require a recognition of reality. The insertion of facts, evidence, and history into an argument with a leftist is like throwing stones into a raging river; they will only appear from the perspective of the leftist to be temporary trifles to be swallowed up by ineluctable progress; simply relics of the insufferable past to be swept away by the river of historical inevitability.

But we do not believe individuals are intended to be swept away by forces beyond their control, but are rather forgers of their own destinies in freedom. The conservative must face the fact that he has become the radical, the anti-establishment figure. He may currently be in a compromised position, but he is not irrevocably outnumbered.

The left has proceeded from the assumption of “the ends justify the means,” and has approached the coercive apparatus of government with an instrumental rationality in order to effect the utopian vision. The legal system is a tool to the left; the education system is a tool to the left; the media is a tool to the left; and so forth; all institutions are seen as potential power for them to be seized for the cause.  The DOJ, HHS, EPA, TSA, IRS — progressives see such government agencies not merely as ways to serve the people, but as weapons to attack enemies and accrue power.

Conservatives believe in honoring institutions and thus refrain from utilizing their potential power to accomplish the vision of liberty, freedom, and individual rights. We call out for progressives to realize what it means to have shame and renounce their constant lies and slurs against their fellow Americans. We ask them to hold government as a means to serve the interest of all the people equally, and not as an apparatus to punish their imagined enemies and to selfishly grow their own political power.

The way conservatives win is not by punishing their enemies, but by inviting them to turn away from what is wrong and to embrace a better, positive vision of the future. Restoring a free and prosperous America takes more than reacting to the constant assaults of the left, it demands refuting them and taking a principled and inspiring message to the people.

Our founding fathers, the nation’s first radicals, would not sit idly by and let tyranny take further hold in this government. And friends, the harder it gets, the harder we must fight. No quit, no regrets.

Kyle Becker is the author of the novel Envirotopia.

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  1. Blind Eye Jones
    May 26 2013

    We can’t invite them to join us when they are winning… and they are winning. It’s not really about politics: Democrats vs Republicans. It’s about society veering more to the left. The left has the “cool” factor and with education and media and Hollywood all reciting the same message, it is hard for conservatives to combat it. Especially hard when the conservatives present the hard way to life — personal responsibility, hard work, religious values — as opposed to the easy way — government handouts, victim status and the demand for more rights and free stuff, dependence. When a Mexican votes in American politics who will he vote for? The cool Democrats who give him everything or the greedy party of the rich who make life hard for him? The answer is obvious. When a young person votes who will he vote for after leaving university for a job in media or education or law or government or the arts? Geez, another tough answer! Society is leaning left — becoming more liberal — after years of neglect from conservatives. Time to reap the whirlwind, folks.

  2. May 26 2013

    The left did not actually ascend to culture dominance by preaching welfare handouts and the easy life. Hippies in the 1960s posed as the counter-culture and espoused freedom. They used the arts as a way of reaching out to the public and making themselves cool. They may not have won over the Silent Majority, but they inspired the generation of intellectuals in the 1970s to push education to the far left. The educators they cranked out would train teachers, journalists, lawyers, actors, writers, etc… That is the kind of cultural pushback I’m talking about. When a culture has no moral intellectual leadership, it collapses into the cesspool we see today.

    • May 28 2013

      Those culture hippies are now our leaders and so lost is the original ‘radical’ mindset of our founding fathers which makes your message hopeless and impossible. I do appreciate your enthusiasm though and agree to a degree, but too much has already changed and our Republic really no longer exists. We the people are not able to remove the cancerous tyranny that has engulfed our country because we have no bona fide leaders remaining and no power to do it ourselves. So don’t give up on what? Something that died decades ago and we just recently noticed? I say give up! Give up on politics, give up on voting for treasonous politicians, give up your tv brainwashing boxes, give up on participating in the distractions that are causing our terminal illness’s. Stop feeding them is what we should not give up on. Too many call themselves conservatives but do not act the part. Repeating the lies and bad news every day by so many news outlets is helping nothing, in fact it is doing the complete opposite, it is keeping it alive and well. Ignore it is how you get rid of it. Turn it off, de-fund it, starve it. Watching it and debating it is just playing right in to it’s hands. That feeds apathy and starves the Republic. Just look at one small example in your own home state – Look at my ‘Weener’ is a consideration for NY government, LOL! – NY is embarrassing as are so many other places. It is un-respectable and a perfect example of how strong the brainwashing is and how it has removed the rational, moral thought process and created memory loss in way too many minds. A true conservative will concentrate on himself, not be lead on a leash by Rush, Hannity, Beck et al. Can no one come to their own conclusions anymore? Is it all so far gone that the only way to know what to do each day is turn on talk radio or go to your red or blue web sites and get your life lessons and guidance? Let others implant the seeds of reason and do not use your own God given brain abilities to decipher and make decisions? And yes, I said GOD! That is who we should not give up on! But instead the masses dismiss that reality and go with who cares if she has a penis, he wants to be a girl and we the people shall appeal to that. We shall allow our children to dictate what they are regardless of what they were born as, in the name of fairness of course. I say it again, embarrassing, shameful, delusional, not real and not intelligent. We are living in a legal pysops as written along side the removal of Habeas Corpus and I can’t look anymore, sorry. It is too painful to watch. Best wishes to ya!

      • May 28 2013

        Merry freaking Christmas, evabody! 😉

  3. May 27 2013

    Nice article; good to see you at it again (for my sake).

    I’ve just finished the first book/part/section in envirotopia; great start so far. I really liked how it ended with the flight and fight scene (and I loved the build up to it). I actually felt fear; no piece of literature has done that to me. That’s a difficult emotion to elicit from me. Great job, I might be scarred for life now lol. The pace is good and I’m loving how rational values seeded the mind of the main character and took root in a depressing world. I love seeing those values spread its roots and and its influence on earth. I’m starting book two tonight; can’t wait to see the story progress.

    I’ll get to rating it on amazon when I finish. When are you going to finish the other half of the story?

    • May 27 2013

      Fantastic. Exciting for me that you’re giving it a tumble. Thanks much for the read! Kyle

      Free audiobooks are up to Book 3 now. The entire ebook is available for Kindle, Nook, even PC (through Kobo), Android… (

    • May 27 2013

      Also, I write and edit at now, that’s why I don’t post here often. Good to see you!

  4. May 28 2013

    Ok, is there a way to follow you on IJReview and get emails of new posts? I know to check this site from an email.

    Huh, I think I remembered it wrong then. I thought only half was published, but I guess that’s the audio book. I’m straight now.

    • May 28 2013

      I don’t think you’re gonna want to know everytime on IJReview. I’m the Associate Editor, so we’re talking all day, everyday.

      • May 29 2013

        I think you’re right. I’ll just have to check it periodically trusting that there is something fresh that you wrote; darn, I felt a sense of pride beleiving that I read all of your articles. 🙂


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