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January 6, 2013

No Justice, No Peace

by Former Sergeant

I was enjoying a lazy Sunday, when a couple of posts popped up on my Facebook. The pro-gun racist racists who want everyone to be murdered by guns have been running horrible stories about victims of gun crime, and then using those stories to try and back their racist cause!

At one point in my life, I was an operator. I was a pork-eating gunslinger who ruled the mountains of eastern Afghanistan. I also used to be a police officer, and an avid competitive shooter in a USPSA league. But I got rid of my guns when I came back from my final deployment and found they had organized into criminal gangs inside my safe. I kicked them all out and haven’t touched a gun since.

So it turned my stomach when I read this story of a Georgia woman who shot a misunderstood, socio-economically disadvantaged, unexpected guest who had opened her door with a crowbar and then chased the woman and her children into their attic. The poor man is expected to survive, but was prevented from re-distributing the woman’s belongings–and possibly her children and her lady parts–to the needy. No one knows why the man, who has been arrested for burglary six times in the past, made his way into her home. I would guess he was just trying to sell crowbars door-to-door, and what better way to show the quality of his wares than to use one to open their door! And though there is no mention of what race the shooter or the victim are, you can rest assured the woman with the .38 caliber revolver is a RACIST! For shame, America! Guns have to go, and they have to go NOW!

As if my day hadn’t delved deep enough into the abyss of gun-violence and racism, another article appeared on my timeline. This time, a racist man in Arizona shot an unexpected guest merely for trying to enter his daughter’s room. The victim was probably just trying to re-distribute the young girl’s lady parts to himself–a needy person. We live in a country where roughly 50% of the population controls 100% of the lady parts. We will have no justice (and no peace) in this country until everyone who wants access to lady parts can get them, and it is the government’s job to see that it happens! In this case, the victim–a hero of the underprivilaged–died of his wounds. Wounds inflicted by a racist with a gun.

Diane Feinstein cannot pass her new firearms ban fast enough. It’s time to end racism, violence, and the hoarding of wealth and lady parts by the 1% and the ~50%.

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