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January 4, 2013


So Long, Farewell, Auf Weidersehen, Goodbye.

by Former Sergeant

After much soul-searching and a couple of short chats with the Rogue Operator himself, I have devised a solution to the problem that is the Republican party. I’m leaving, and I encourage you to do the same.

I was a Ron Paul supporter, and caucused for him here in Iowa. Then, when Mittens won the nomination, I held my nose and voted for him because any Republican is better than the clown currently occupying the Oval Office. But since Romney lost handily, I started wondering what my capitulation to the party that reinvented capitulation was getting me. When has any Republican shrank the size of government, or increased individual liberty, or cut the budget? When has any Republican refused to sign a gun ban? The only difference between the Democrats and the Republicans is that the Democrats are honest with us about what they want–less individual freedom (we are all one, after all), and higher taxes for everyone.

As I get older, I also find myself drifting away from the social conservatives. I’m sorry, Republicans, but I can’t bring myself to hate gays enough to try to keep them from marrying eachother. I also can’t see my way to preventing rape victims from getting an abortion. I have no use for a Christian Taliban.

But people like me who are libertarian in nature were told over and over not to support wild-eyed idealists like Gary Johnson or Ron Paul because we would split the vote and Obama would get another term. And we can’t start a new party because that would also split the vote. And we can’t reform the Republican party because too many people want a huge government, and a Christian Taliban, and wars with every nation on Earth that won’t bend to our will. Like a good little useful idiot, I went along and kept pulling the lever for the “R”.

But now I’m done. The Republican party isn’t dying. It is dead. It’s time to bury it and move on. So I encourage everyone who believes in individual liberty and the constitution to leave the Republican party and never again donate or campaign for them. Ever. Lets see just how much of a minority we really are. If the mainstream, beltway Republicans are correct, then our absence will not even be noticed. If I’m right, then we might just end up with a party that is a viable contender to beat the Democrats. We have nothing to lose, so why not? The Republicans are currently as relevant as disco, and as effective as a one-legged man in an ass kicking contest.

I’m saying “so long”, and I hope you will too.

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  1. Jan 7 2013

    Bravo! I couldn’t have said it any better and I’ve tried to on several occasions.


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