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April 19, 2012


Future News: Romney Runs Left of Obama, Loses In Landslide

by Former Sergeant

I promised to stop beating up Mitt Romney on this blog some time ago, but he’s seriously on thin ice when he starts talking like a tax-and-spend liberal. In this news article, Mitt buys the liberal premise that tax cuts in one place must be replaced by tax increases somewhere else. He is starting to walk in John McCain’s footsteps still fresh from the 2008 election. I voted third party in that election because John McCain backed the bailouts. McCain faced a pivotal moment when he could really draw contrast between himself and Barack Obama, and decided to stick his finger in the eye of his conservative base and drove hardliners like me over to the Libertarian party.

If Mitt keeps walking back his previous adamant support of the free-market system and meaningful tax reform, he’s gonna lose me. This is the time when he should be out joyously explaining conservatism and how low tax rates can gather more revenue than high ones. But instead, he’s buying into the “soak the rich” premise, probably in response to being bullied about his own wealth recently. I have agreed that no matter how much I dislike Mitt Romney, I will vote for him because he is better than Obama. But if he keeps running back to the left, he’s going to lose me. The Republican nominee isn’t going to win the election by trying to run to the left of the Democrat, which is what I fear will happen as November grows nearer.

Mitt better get smart and start rejecting the premises of the left if he wants to keep my vote. If we get another John McCain this November, I guarantee we will have Barack Obama again in January.

If you’re not careful, Mitt, you’re gonna lose me.

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  1. Apr 19 2012

    I think we should view Romney’s actions through the eyes of the moderates he is trying to win over. The way I see it, this is just strategy on the part of his election team, like calling Obama a “nice guy,” when we all know that he’s a jerk.

  2. Apr 21 2012

    When I went walking door-to-door trying to get McCain elected — because Obama scared me — the biggest problem I had was from Conservatives who not see any advantage in voting for McCain. They saw McCain as just another lying, big spending politician. They did not realize that Obama had bigger ambitions than just spending some of our money.

    Anyone who has looked at Romney’s record already knows that he will say anything to get elected. If the man is so stupid that he does a significant flip-flop in the same campaign, he will lose the confidence of both the Moderates and the Conservatives. And such inconsistency will make Obama’s negative campaign all the more effective. If Obama can enough people that Romney stands for nothing except his own enrichment, not enough people will bother to show up at the polls and vote for Romney. That could prove a disaster in both the presidential and the congressional races.

  3. Apr 22 2012

    Hi Kyle,

    I’m the Politics editor at Before It’s News. Our site is a People Powered news platform with over 4,000,000 visits a month and growing fast.

    We would be honored if we could republish the Rogue Government blog rss feed in our Conservative category. Our readers need to read what American patriots like you have to say.

    Syndicating to Before It’s News is a terrific way to spread the word and grow your audience. If you are interested in syndicating with us, please contact me at

    sean [at] beforeitsnews [dot] com

    Thank you

    • Apr 25 2012

      Absolutely will be in touch with you. Thanks for the offer, Kyle

  4. May 4 2012

    There are those who are good: the individuals who take charge of their own life and produce values they require and trade for what they do not produce themselves. There are those who are evil: the individuals who do not take care of their own life (or take charge of the lives of others) and who do not produces values and do not trade (they use force instead). Then there are compromisers: these individuals are the tube that makes the blood transfusion from the potent good to the impotent evil possible — they sacrifice good to evil for the sake of sounding agreeable, and therefore, allows evil to last that much longer.

    Such common compromises exist as, “redistribution of wealth is evil but social security is good,” or more generally, “when a man uses force to take from others, that which is their due, and gives it to another is evil, but it’s good when government does it.”

    Let’s take a look at Romney’s plan from his web site to see a list of his compromises: Education (, Energy (, and Health Care (

    Don’t be fooled. Romney is no better and may be worse for our country than President Obama — he is not for Liberty, and therefore, is not for Capitalism. But since he claims to be for both liberty and capitalism, what conceptual damage is possible in the minds of men when Romney ruins both?

    “…let no one claim that because an abuse cannot be done away with, without inconvenience to those who profit by it, what has been suffered to exist for a time should be allowed to exist forever.” — Frederic Bastiat

    PS I miss your old stuff Kyle.


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