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March 28, 2012


Clashing Visions: The Struggle Between Totalitarianism & Individual Freedom

by Kyle Becker

ImageThe nation is being torn apart not by two competing visions, but by two mutually exclusive ones. Whereas conservatives and liberals once debated the alternative means of reaching the same end goal — the promotion and expansion of the American Dream — our country is now essentially divided over whether we should have a limited, Constitutional republic or an unfettered state with complete control over all aspects of human life.

We should all realize that the current discourse between supposed right and left is not a rehashing of the debates between the so-called Federalists and Anti-federalists that rent our country for decades. While it was legitimately and honestly debated by our Framers whether a stronger central government or a more directly democratic one would be the better guarantor of liberty, it was generally agreed that the protection of the individual from oppression was the foremost of the government’s duties.

What we now find expressed under the banner of one party is a toxic mixture of the worst elements of tyrannical aristocracy and democracy, two animating principles that feed on one another. The faction referring to itself as the Democrat Party is in fact the most anti-democratic in disposition of the two major parties. While this party is driven by fear of the people themselves ruling and directing the economy through free market capitalism, the constituents of the opposition party have enough trust in themselves and their fellow citizens to rely on self-government as the foundation for economy and society.

Continued on Conservative Daily News.

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  1. May 4 2012

    I very much liked this article.

    Thought you might find Frederic Bastiat’s opinion on the matter of self-interest interesting, “I am quite aware that I shall be reproached (it is the fashion of the day) with basing the fraternity of nations on men’s personal interest—vile, prosaic self-interest. Better far, it may be thought, that it should have had its basis in charity, in love, even in a little self-abnegation, and that, interfering somewhat with men’s material comforts, it should have had the merit of a generous sacrifice. When shall we be done with these puerile declamations?

    “When will hypocrisy be finally banished from science? When shall we cease to exhibit this nauseous contradiction between our professions and our practice? We hoot at and execrate personal interest; in other words, we denounce what is useful and good (for to say that all men are interested in anything is to say that the thing is good in itself), as if personal interest were not the necessary…” (, pg 276, NATIONAL INDEPENDENCE)


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