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March 14, 2012


The Case to Impeach Obama Builds: Why the Right Should Start Preparing

by Kyle Becker

ImageThe word “impeach” followed by “Obama” is enough to make liberals roll their eyes and conservatives squirm. Images of tea party rednecks waving handmade signs “Impeach Obama Now!” have seemingly made all discussion of impeaching Obama mere blog fodder for red meat conservative sites and tinfoil hat forums. This is not one of those pandering articles.

Nor is it idle talk or wishful thinking from someone fantasizing about his persona vendetta against the president. There is currently a resolution in Congress that would condemn Obama for “impeachable high crimes and misdemeanors under article II, section 4 of the Constitution.” The central complaint is that the president committed our troops to an act of military aggression in Libya without an act of war, authorization, or even consultation with Congress after 60 days, as stipulated by the War Powers Act.

This is not a dead issue, either (unlike Moammar Gaddhafi). When confronted, the president flatly denied that he was under any obligation to seek Congressional approval for his Libya action. This is in no way equivalent to how President George W. Bush handled the military invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan, which he received Congressional authorization from both Democrats and Republicans to lead. Yet such equivocation is par for the course from such mendacious outlets as Slate and MSNBC, which betrayed their blind partisanship with an Orwellian pivot on an anti-war dime following the election of Barack Obama.

Continued on Conservative Daily News.

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  1. Mar 15 2012

    I think congressional republicans sadly let the window of practical opportunity close already on impeachment save for a future egregious act. Now it will mostly be viewed as simply a partisan act and bolster his reelection chances. Considering he has voter machine companies and the SEIU poll workers in his back pocket he has enough help already without the right handing him the “stay in the White House free” sympathy card. IMHO

    • Mar 15 2012

      Talon, I agree. I was advocating that the resolution to condemn Obama for committing an impeachable offense be passed, and preparation for future impeachment charges be made now.


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