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March 10, 2012


Ex-IDF Official Claims Saudis Helped Put Obama in White House

by Kyle Becker

Not too long ago, someone with intelligence ties who reads this blog asked me what I thought about Obama’s Muslim connections. Although I have no axe to grind with anyone regarding his religious beliefs, per se, it is true that Obama was raised as a Muslim and his Christian affiliations are less than compelling. This IDF official makes some shocking claims, including the argument that the Saudis said they would get a Muslim in the White House in 2008, and that Obama told the Egyptian Foreign Minister, “I am a Muslim.” I have no direct corroborative evidence for these claims, but they are worth vetting.

Incidentally, I find the recent poster of The Love Song of Saul Alinsky, a production whose discussion panel included “(State) Sen. Baraka Obama” and several known communists, to show the flavor of someone flaunting his socialist/Muslim roots.  This pedigree would explain Obama’s tendency to further the goals of the Muslim Brotherhood, as in Egypt, as well as give us further cause to investigate his connection to Rashid Khalidi, who is reported to have been an agent of the Saudis. (The LA Times is withholding video/audio documentation of Obama’s connection to Khalidi).

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  1. Mar 10 2012

    As you know, treason is the only crime actually defined in the Constitution. For good reason it the definition is very narrow and very specific–

    If what is said in the video is true, Obama comes very close to filling the requirements–

    Radical and so called moderate Islam are are intertwined in the Middle East– one is considered an enemy the other isn’t: so “adhering to the enemies of the States or giving them aid and comfort– could be subjective is adhering to one-thus giving them aid and comfort adhering to both-and is the action intended to benefit both…

    It is so close in this case, it could, possibly should, be left up to a grand jury to decide… in this case that would be Congress acting as the Prosecutor with the US Senate acting as the Grand Jury — if they decide yes, then it would go to a normal trial by jury for resolution

    The other requirement “an overt act, witnessed by two or more people” has clearly been met..

    • Mar 10 2012

      I’ve come to the conclusion that this Alinskyite “borer” is a traitor a long time ago. It’s actually not that controversial a claim. Obama and his radical associates have used deception to infiltrate the system and have attempted (with alarming success) to “fundamentally change” America into something it is not, in violation of The Constitution (including the section on LAWFUL change, describing amendments).

      And I don’t really care if someone who has no sympathy for The Constitution and America as it was founded and has been lawfully amended over the years agrees with me or not.


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