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March 2, 2012


Welcome to My Nightmare: A Post-Comatose Democrat Awakens to the Obama Administration

by Kyle Becker

Awake. A halo of bright white light streams into my eyes. All is blurry as my pupils painfully dilate to take in my unfamiliar surroundings. A lamp, some kind of lamp, swings slowly above me. At first, out of focus, but the blurred edges are becoming clearer now. I feel a cold, hard mattress underneath me. It’s crinkly plastic and slightly inclined. Laying on top of me is a ridged light blue blanket resting above a crisp white sheet. I grasp it with my hands. It’s real.

Where am I?

The musty acrid chemical smell and the cream decor give the place an institutional aura. Woozy, senses flooded by the light, I feel like vomiting.  I wrap my hand around the chill steel of a guard rail and know this must be some kind of hospital.

How did I get here? The last thing I remember is the fall. Looking up, there was Ray and Laura, standing over me, shaking me, shouting something unintelligible.

Fade to black.

Continued on Conservative Daily News.

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  1. imdumimdum
    Mar 4 2012

    you wrote this? you are a good writer.


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