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February 27, 2012


Democrats Propose “Fairness, Justice, and Racial Equality Tax” Ahead of 2012 Elections

by Kyle Becker

The Democrat Party is seeking to strike another blow for racial and economic justice ahead of the crucial 2012 elections. The Congressional Black Caucus is proposing a progressive “Skin Color Tax and Subsidy” (SCTAS) that would redistribute wealth according to skin pigmentation.  If the bill “The Fairness, Justice, and Racial Equality Tax” is passed into law, the tax would take effect in 2013.

Determining one’s tax obligations under the proposed law would require an innovative process of measuring and recording skin pigmentation. Melanin Spectrometer equipment would be set up in Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) offices across the country, due to their reputation of relatively high levels of bureaucratic efficiency. The funding of the equipment is slated at $287 billion,which would provide a much-needed stimulus to the recovering economy. The equipment production contract was awarded to General Electric in a no-bid situation, obviously for non-political purposes.

The proposed law would require taxpayers to bring their I-9s to the DMV and register for the Skin Pigmentation Verification test.  After completing a ten page survey about one’s racial heritage and turning it in to the Chief Racial Enforcement Officer (CREO), one would become eligible to take the Melanin Concentration Battery.

Continued on Conservative Daily News.

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  1. Mar 3 2012

    I thought Nazi Germany was defeated in 1945?


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