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December 19, 2011

Don’t Believe the Condi Hype

by RogueOperator

Rumors abound that former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice may be interested in getting back in the “political game,” as the Washington Times put it. Republicans should be very wary of reports that the academic and civil servant would seek a makeover into a sloganeering politician.

Although Ms. Rice has the capability of wielding a fierce and feisty intellect in debates against the left, she also values her privacy and integrity. Despite vicious attacks on everything from her race to her sexuality (GOP opposition would be sure to exploit these baseless rumors as well to chill the Evangelical vote), Rice has tended to stay out of the limelight, addressing her character assassination through books, rather than public appearances.

The looming question is if conservatives are itching to turn to an associate of the Bush administration, a relationship that the left is sure to demonize and fear-monger to the utmost, for strong and sure leadership or if people desire fresh faces to deal with seemingly unprecedented problems. Newt Gingrich‘s sudden popularity shows that the conservative base has no problem turning to the past, but the former Speaker is associated more with the relatively positive 1990s than the media-tainted War on Terror.

Condoleezza would be a fairly good but flawed choice for Vice President. That being said, she believes in the global warming claptrap, and stood to profit on cap-and-trade at one point.

Regardless, I am doubtful she would remake herself to run for office, or put herself through the grinding mill of the left-wing screech machine. Conservatives have been disappointed time and time again by the lack of GOP candidates to step forward and take our national crisis seriously, and I presume that we are going to be disappointed once again with this flimsy hearsay.

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