What the GOP Candidate Needs to Do In Order to Win

Considering that the current GOP frontrunners are moderate, big government squishes, it’s time we conservatarians start thinking outside the box. Although I’m not big on social conservatism (don’t get me wrong, I loathe progressivism), I’d be willing to give such candidates as Bachmann, Santorum, and Perry another look if one did a number of things:

1. Concentrate on the economy first. Blast Obama’s horrible record. Say what he or she would do to fix unemployment.

2. Come out stronger against the environmentalist scam. Say that he wants to eliminate EPA. Come out for easing regulations that limit energy exploration and usage.

3. Reiterate that he wants Obamacare gone. Not repeal and replace – trash. Then explain how he wants common-sense, American solutions: Such as capping lottery malpractice lawsuits, opening up cross-state insurance purchasing (this is the actual reason for the Commerce Clause), and giving states more control over any state healthcare expenditures, while encouraging the financing of clinics and preventative medicine for the poor.

4. Explain how illegal immigration is a threat to the national budget, the integrity of our elections, and the American culture of individual freedom. Target businesses that hire illegals.

Any candidate who would do this would be the GOP nominee, and the favorite in a match up against Obama.


One thought on “What the GOP Candidate Needs to Do In Order to Win

  1. This is good except I would like to elaborate on the sentence to target businesses that hire illegals. What has happened in most small businesses because of the expense of workers comp is employee leasing companies. They came on to the playing field because it became impossible to get a workers comp policy on your own as a small business owner ( too many reasons to list ) so these leasing companies handle your payroll service which technically means your employees are owned by the leasing company because that is who the payroll checks come from and that is who insures the workers with workers comp and pays the payroll taxes for the business. It is the leasing companies that are responsible for the hiring of an illegal not the businesses. The leasing companies run their I.D. and S.S# to check for validity. Due to their large sizes it sometimes takes up to 2 or 3 months before you get a phone call on the job one day form the leasing co. telling you that Jose’s S.S# is bad and he must be terminated immediately. So we go up to Jose and say bye bye your social is no good. He says O.K. and comes back in 3 or 4 days with a new S.S. card. So we resubmit the paperwork and wait to see what that one says. It is insane the way the system works but targeting us, the business owner is not the correct target. We have no means to check validity of an I.D. card presented to us and fining us is not going to fix this issue. Believe me the leasing companies do check, this issue is poorly put out there. In my opinion there is no issue there. The issue is…WHERE are the illegals getting these S.S. cards from? That should be the target to help businesses. Not many of our political reps. or candidates ever explain the true way things work to people. We all need to keep the information going so we can know the truth and in turn we will recognize the lies. Thank you for reading.

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