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December 15, 2011


The Obama Government Steals Nearly 80% of GDP from 2009-2011

by RogueOperator

What’s the cost of living under Obama? In addition to the $12.6 trillion in government “revenue” taken in Fiscal Years 2009-2011, an average of 30% of GDP, the Federal Reserve has “lost” approximately $16 trillion in TARP, bailouts, and outright theft and redistribution.

If we calculate GDP from mid-Q1 2009 until present, we are talking ballpark $36 trillion. Effectively, if we calculate inflation, and debt we or our children haven’t paid for in sweat yet, the United States government in total has stolen in the last three years around $28.6 trillion, or nearly 80% of the value produced in the economy.

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  1. Dec 15 2011

    Legal thievery, immoral but legal.
    Bob A.


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