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December 15, 2011


Mark Levin on The Establishment

by RogueOperator
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  1. Dec 15 2011

    Mark Levin is a cog in the establishment. He is a mainstream neoconservative hack.

    • Dec 15 2011

      Yeah, he sure sounds like it here. It’s an evil conspiracy where anyone you disagree with on foreign policy is part of the establishment.

      • Dec 15 2011

        Of course he is. His views are completely in line with the neoconservativism that has taken over pretty much all Republican politics. He is a flag-bearer for that type of thinking. How is that not true?

  2. Dec 15 2011

    It’s all about the Joos, right, Kev? Correct me if I’m wrong.

  3. Dec 15 2011

    Don’t you see that your tactics right now are the same as those you decry constantly about the left? First, you talk about conspiracy, which could just as easily be applied to Levin’s video above. The “establishment” isn’t conspiratorial, but I am? Then, you take the time to insinuate that it has something to do with anti-Jewish sentiment or anti-Zionism, or something attenuated, unreasonable, and addressing nothing of the fact that Levin’s type thinks that the world empire of the U.S. is the best possible end for our country. Isn’t a balk of “racism” the weak intellectual ground of a leftist? You can do better than that, man.

    It is conservative now to want massive government if it is in pursuit of end x instead of end y, x being a military-like presence within the country as well as one all over the world, where dissent from American occupation is seen as normal and beneficial to countries of completely different intellectual foundations and traditions than ours? Y of course is the welfare state. But you reject y on a foundation of both morality and utlilty. Why does the morality and utility of destroying our rights for the sake of hegemony strike you as okay? Can’t you see that you are using the same equation leftists use with the “all means to one good end” way of thinking? Levin has defended Obama and Bush through the most egregious expansion of presidential powers, ones that make the checks and balances essentially void. I fear today that the dictator won’t come from the left, because most people still realize that economic freedom is a good thing. Instead, the totalitarian tendency of the media and government that prey on fear will be materialized through the right. That is sad, because the Old Right used to be a great thing…

    I have learned through many of your excellent posts to expect better of this website.

    • Dec 15 2011

      If you have ever seen me rah-rahing for war on this blog, let me know.


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