Environmentalist Propaganda in Soviet Cartoon “Cheburashka”

Cheburashka, a Soviet children’s show from the 1970s, is beloved by Russians for its cute innocence and by the Soviet state for its instruction in proletarian values. The main character, a furry little creature, is still popular and was recently selected as the Russian Olympics mascot.

This video excerpt shows the crocodile Gena finding out about a dirty factory, and subsequently, demanding it be cleaned up. This is not malignant in and of itself. But it does show the stirrings of the false narrative that the state can protect the people from the ‘productive contamination’ of industry.

Anyone who has traveled to Russia and Eastern Europe knows that industrial areas there are among the filthiest in the world. This is because of two things: the state’s collectivist view of the citizenry, whose rulers see them as a means to their own end; and the lack of private property, which leads to a “tragedy of the commons.”

Any environmentalist initiatives sought by any reformists should respect private property, which supports stewardship. But when is the last time you saw either party or our education system openly advocating private property or free market capitalism as solutions for anything? You haven’t. That’s because the question isn’t what’s best for the American people, but what is best for the would-be ruling class.


11 thoughts on “Environmentalist Propaganda in Soviet Cartoon “Cheburashka”

  1. hey, i was following ur convo at ustream wrt carbon isotopes. man, you don’t know whta ur talking about. first of all, isotopes are atoms with differing numbers of neutrons not protons, moron. and burning has nothing to do with changing the number of neutrons in the nucleus. the isotopes are a function of the source of the carbon, be it decaying carbon in the soil or from the plankton that subsequently formed oil. next time you know nothing about what ur talking about, then don’t say anything.

      1. you said neutrons attached to protons, or something ridiculous. and the isotope used to identify anthropogenic carbon is carbon-13, as stable isotope and it doesn’t decay. but it was entertaining watching you tell that dude that burning carbon creates the isotope! ur college chemistry professor would be proud.

      2. Why don’t you argue your case instead of implying that I don’t know what I’m talking about?

        To begin with, the heat forcing effect of CO2 IS logarithmic. This means there is a dramatic drop-off in warming for each carbon dioxide molecule emitted into the atmosphere. For example, the first 20ppm of CO2 is responsible for HALF the current carbon dioxide driven warming (about 3% of all greenhouse gas warming; water vapor is 95%). Since we are at 390 ppm currently, that is a hell of a bend, and a decline in the warming increase for each ppm added.

        Last year, a record in manmade carbon dioxide emissions, saw a little over 1 (ONE) ppm added to the atmosphere. While the UN claims that this rate will lead to over 2 degrees Celsius by 2050 even if we cut emissions in half, because they are deceptively utilizing a linear model, in actually, an increase in warming following manmade CO2 emissions will be .1 Celsius. Yes, you read that right.

        “The natural heating effect of carbon dioxide is the blue bars and the IPCC projected anthropogenic effect is the red bars. Each 20 ppm increment above 280 ppm provides about 0.03° C of naturally occurring warming and 0.43° C of anthropogenic warming. That is a multiplier effect of over thirteen times. This is the leap of faith required to believe in global warming.

        The whole AGW belief system is based upon positive water vapour feedback starting from the pre-industrial level of 280 ppm and not before. To paraphrase George Orwell, anthropogenic carbon dioxide molecules are more equal than the naturally occurring ones. Much, much more equal.”

    1. No, imdummy. I said isotopes are variations of an atom according to the number of neutrons in the nucleus. I am a very liberal host, as you can see from other posts. But when someone lies about what I wrote, they’re done. Your reputation precedes you, imdummy. One more lie and you’re banned.

      Oh, and I will find a witness from the chat room to come on and confirm that you’re a liar. Later!

      1. okay. Maybe you did say it was neutrons but everything else you’ve said so far to me and to that guy has been wrong!

      2. Those data are widely accepted and well known. I’m not here to argue for or against GW. I’m pointing out how wrong u were wrt isotope geochemistry. I have a masters degree too btw. The delta carbon 13 proves anthropogenic carbon is the only carbon level rising in the atmosphere. Carbon 13 doesn’t decay so the ratio of carbon 13 to carbon 12 remains constant regardless of decomposition temperature pressure burning or what have u. So biogenic carbon has a specific isotopic signature as does thermogenic carbon from which the fossil fuels we burn is derived.

      3. That’s great. How does that rebut what I wrote? Even if one hundred percent of the carbon dioxide emissions were manmade, which they’re not (at last half is from decaying plants, which would have that carbon isotope you speak of), the increase in warming would be around thirteen times less what the UN is claiming it would be.

  2. The UN data are b.s. why would I offer a rebuttal. The IPCC is the epitome of the bastardization of science by politics. You raise a good point wrt non thermogenic carbon sources. However they remain constant year after year while anthro carbon continually increases year after year.

  3. It’s ironic that the delta carbon 13 which proves that carbon levels are rising in the atmosphere from anthropognenic sources also proves the efficacy of fracking. The delta carbon 13 cans distinguish between biogenic and thermoagenic methane contamination in aquifers. I found it disturbing though not the least unexpected that this was never mentioned in the film gasland.

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