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December 15, 2011

Climategate II Spurs International Police Hunt for FOIA Leaker

by RogueOperator

All of the FOIA files involved in the leak of Climategate II were taken from taxpayer-funded computers and thus were privy to Freedom of Information Act request. But apparently the “consensus” is concerned that the files’ exposure to the light of day might prove fatal to ManBearPig.

From The Examiner:

I [Christopher Horner] have seen apparent proof that the United States Department of Justice (DOJ), Criminal Division, is working with United Kingdom police to pursue the leaker of the 2009 and 2011 “Climategate” emails. 

I have learned that last week DOJ sent a search-and-seizure letter to the host of three climate-change “skeptic” blogs. Last night, UK police raided a blogger’s home and removed computers and equipment.

The leaked records derailed “cap-and-trade” legislation in the U.S. and, internationally, as well as talks for a successor to the Kyoto Protocol. The emails and computer code were produced with taxpayer funds and held on taxpayer-owned computers both in the US and the UK, and all were subject to the UK Freedom of Information Act, the U.S. Freedom of Information Act and state FOIA laws.

They also were being unlawfully withheld in both the UK (by the University of East Anglia) and the U.S. (Department of Commerce’s National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), including stonewalling me for two years, and three other requesters for longer).

The hunt involving U.S. and UK law enforcement agencies is now escalating.

Read more here.

Now that the Durban Climate Tax Enslavement Conference has fallen into disarray, just like at Copenhagen after the first Climategate, it turns out that we may have bought a few more years of exposing the apocalyptic big lie of manmade global warming to be a manmade global fraud.

And now the climate highrollers want their pound of flesh.

FOIA, make for the hills.


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