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December 15, 2011


Before Obamacare, United States Already Spent as Much on Public Health as Many Europeanized Nations

by RogueOperator

This chart is not from some “right-wing” think tank like the Heritage Foundation, this is from the OECD – the Organization for Economic Co-Operation and Development.

If we factor in Medicare and Medicaid, not to mention WIC and other public health programs, it is easy to see how America was already blowing a ton of money on healthcare before Obamacare was passed. This despite the fact that all but around 15 million American citizens were insured or could afford health insurance. So we should note that in 2008, the United States was already spending more per person on public healthcare than Canada and the United Kingdom.

But before one comes to the conclusion that this is actually good reason to implement a program like Obamacare, due to inflated costs in our marketized system (actually, due to our mixed economic system), consider the following.

Below is the public debt per person before Obamacare was implemented. See any correspondence with the chart above?

The high debt countries almost match up one-to-one with high public health costs as a percentage of GDP. As one can see below we have shot past one hundred percent of the total national debt as a percentage of GDP, but don’t worry, the Center for American Progress says “we’re not broke.” Having more debt than revenue is not even the definition of broke, it is beyond broke, as the chart below shows.

And if you bought into the Democrat line that Americans will save money under Obamacare, take a look at the CBO’s actual cost projections.

Americans, you’ve been bamboozled. We need to support our states’ fight to throw out this sucker, if not through the Supreme Court’s decision that it is unconstitutional, then by nullifying it on the grounds that it unfairly imposes unsustainable costs on the states.

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  1. Dec 17 2011

    Great post Rogue and I’ll bookmark that healthcare spending as percent of GDP. You might find it interesting that we won’t have to wait for the Obamacare Death Panels to see where we are killing Americans to save a buck.


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