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December 14, 2011


The Iron Lady: Historical Revisionism of a Fierce Opponent of Socialism

by RogueOperator

The dramatic biographical film The Iron Lady, starring the supremely talented and eminently outstanding Meryl Streep, is reputed to shoot British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher’s political life through the prism of an addled, senile old lady riddled with dementia and unable to recall what she ate for breakfast. Well, I can tell these misguided thespians what she ate for breakfast: Leftists.

The film looks to be yet another work of the historical revisionary left to besmirch all eloquent and principled opponents of socialism (and yes, that is what she routinely called it, without smirks or laughter from the British audience). The American counterpart of Thatcher, Ronald Reagan, is ridiculed by the left in the same way as The Iron Lady sets out to do – through exploiting an elderly person’s infirmities in order to tarnish the conservative agenda of expanding individual freedom.  But ultimately, their lofty and uplifting defenses of liberty outshine the duplicitous typecasting of their petty, unscrupulous enemies.

What you won’t get in The Iron Lady is Thatcher’s intellectual decimation of socialist arguments, something our currently pathetic GOP field would do well to look to for inspiration as we deal with an increasingly socialist Democrat party. When the two leading Republican candidates to take on the radical Obama all but declare themselves to be progressives, the republic is in serious trouble.

The following are a modest sample of Margaret Thatcher’s finest lines. They display what thoughtful, ideologically consistent, and spirited opposition to the left sounds like.

Margaret Thatcher Condemns British Labour Party

Thatcher Shreds Phony “Compassion” Argument of Appeaser

Thatcher Demolishes Socialist Argument of the “Gap” Between Haves and Have-less

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  1. Dec 14 2011

    And we have Obama.
    Bob A.

  2. hey_sherm
    Dec 14 2011

    By taking one letter off the word progressives to progressive totally changes the definition. The teaparty in my view are progressive republicans and at the same time conservative. The republican party needs to be more progressive in getting there message out, they need to be more progressive in countering the the false hoods the democrats put out. I’m a progressive, my thoughts and values evolve constantly in the direction of truth and freedom. To parse words sometimes move us further from the truth.

    • Dec 14 2011

      “Progressive” in common American parlance is a euphemism for progressive statism, or put another way, incremental tyranny.


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