Ann Coulter Vaporizes Conservative Street Cred by Endorsing Mitt Romney

Ann Coulter appeared with the vapid “conservative’s conservative” Sean Hannity to endorse Mitt Romney, calling him the “most conservative candidate in the field.”  The former Massachusetts governor is a global warming acolyte, illegal immigration amnesty supporter, individual mandate endorser and Romneycare architect, and self-confessed progressive.

Below is the video of Mitt Romney describing his “progressive views” in 2002:

Ann Coulter’s idiotic line makes the third presumed conservative “jumping the shark” in less than a week: Ron Paul with his 9/11 “glee” comment, Glenn Beck with his attack on the tea party for possibly being ‘racist’ for supporting Newt, and now Ann Coulter arguing that Mitt Romney is the most conservative presidential contender.

This is not the first time Ann had displayed questionable judgment endorsing a candidate. Her love affair with the predominately progressive New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is now thrown in a new light with her recent crush on Mitt Romney. Coulter is showing a pattern of posing as a staunch conservative while supporting progressives.

There are so many sharks being jumped by our conservative punditry that the right-wing is quickly turning into Sea World.


8 thoughts on “Ann Coulter Vaporizes Conservative Street Cred by Endorsing Mitt Romney

  1. Didn’t Ann also endorse Romney in 2008? I was thinking that Fox News was in the tank for him last time around also, and I was fairly active in the last caucus cycle. Gotta hand it to Romney though. He’s the only guy I know who can get on every possible side of an issue and convince himself he’s being consistent.

  2. I read one of Coulter’s books. I was not impressed. Rather than being thoughtful, Coulter provokes emotion, mostly anger, to sell her books and herself. Pundits such as Coulter are ultimately destructive. Rage cannot sustain us. Without the benefit of a sound philosophy — without love for each other — our People will not hold together. We will not work to protect each other’s rights. If all we have is rage we just gnaw and tear each other apart.

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