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December 13, 2011


One for the Obama Hall of Shame: Iran Refuses to Return Drone

by RogueOperator

In the most embarrassing foreign policy moment for any president since Jimmy Carter, Barack Obama has asked Iran for its fallen drone back.

Yes, the anti-Zionist, mad mullah-controlled, rogue death cult regime attempting to usher in the 13th imam through nuclear apocalypse Iran. The one we have no formal diplomatic relations with since 1979 (thanks Jimmah), finances terrorist organizations, and captures, tortures and kills American CIA agents. Right. That one.

Oh, and request denied.

From the BBC:

Iran has rejected a US call for the return of an American spy drone captured by Iran’s military.

The aircraft was now “property” of Iran and it was up to Iran to decide what to do with it, defence minister Ahmad Vahidi said.

Hmm, maybe they’ll auction it to Obama’s “friends” the Chinese?

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  1. Dec 13 2011

    And he probably asked them very politely. What a dickhead.
    Bob A.

    Dec 13 2011

    I bet the drone was only in Iran long enough for the photo-op, then off to China for reverse-engineering.

    Some of my friends with tinfoil hats think either this was a Trojan horse that we gave them, or the Chinese hacked the satellite and downed it, letting the Iranians recover it and hand it over. Both of these theories hold some water with me because the drone appears to have landed with very little or no damage. This tells me it did not crash, and if the electronic “tether” is disconnected, the default setting is for the drone to fly back to where it took off. Someone landed it on purpose. Or so it would seem.

    • Dec 13 2011

      Yeah, that drone is looking good and only slightly blemished, kind of like our conveniently greying Commander-in-Least. I don’t know about this being some weird trade to the Chinese, because we probably could have gotten away with slipping one under the table at our next round of debt negotiations.

      This could be part of some demoralization tactic, but if it is, it also makes our dear leader look like a moron. Of course, there is always the chance that the political bankrollers think it matters naught if Obama or Mittens or even Eye of Newt comes to power, the foundation of the agenda is already poured and just needs some time to set up.

  3. Dec 14 2011

    How ironic that Obama’s biggest foreign policy gaff happenend with the same country as Carter’s biggest gaff. American hostages spent 444 days in Iran under Carter’s reign and let’s not mention the botched rescue mission. Irony indeed.


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