Another Day, Another Scandal: Obama Admin Awards Half-Billion No-Bid Contract to SEIU-Boss Connected Company

The Obama administration, with the help of a shamelessly complacent mainstream media, have taken this country for a ride to the tune of trillions of dollars.  Apparently, the disgustingly hypocritical left think corporations expecting people to work in order to make valuable products is immoral, but abusing the force of the state to outright steal from productive enterprises to give to political cronies is just peachy.

Radicals are looting this country, and there is no scam too shady, no lie too implausible, no action too unethical, and no relationship too unsavory to prevent those in this conscienceless regime from lining their own pockets and those of their associates on the backs of American taxpayers.

Such is the case with the latest among countless scandals. From RedState:

According to the Los Angeles Times, with the exception of existing in locked freezers in Russia and U.S. labs, the smallpox virus was eradicated in 1978. Yet, in a no-bid contract, the Obama administration has given $443 million of American taxpayers’ money for a “experimental smallpox drug” to a bio-defense company, Siga, controlled by billionaire Democrat-donor Ron Perleman and whose board ex-SEIU boss Andy Stern sits on.

But wait, it gets worse. There is a tie-in to a slightly older outrage, one that got absolutely no play in the media.

While the Times notes that there is no credible evidence that the threat of a smallpox outbreak is imminent and that the U.S. already owns enough vaccine to treat the entire population, the Obama administration’s ties to Siga become even more questionable, considering the recent recommendation to start experimenting with an Anthrax vaccine on America’s children.

A key panel of government advisers Friday recommended that the federal government sponsor a controversial study to test the anthrax vaccine in children to see whether the inoculation would protect young Americans against a bioterrorist attack.

The National Biodefense Science Board (NBSB), which advises the federal government on issues related to bioterrorism, voted 12-1 to recommend that the Health and Human Services Department move forward with a study aimed at determining whether the vaccine is safe and effective in children and identifying the best dose. Patricia Quinlisk of the Iowa Department of Public Health, who chairs the panel, was the only dissenter. […]

Nicole Lurie, the assistant HHS secretary for preparedness and response who requested the panel’s review, said officials would consider the panel’s recommendation, but she did not give a time-frame for a decision on whether to conduct the study.

Smallpox, anthrax, what’s next, a vaccine for the black plague? Just worry about crushing Islamists terrorists bad guys misunderstood people plotting to carry out attacks on Americans, and leave us alone. Thanks.

And you can put my wallet down now.


2 thoughts on “Another Day, Another Scandal: Obama Admin Awards Half-Billion No-Bid Contract to SEIU-Boss Connected Company

  1. Didn’t Ron Perleman play “Hellboy”?

    By the way, the anthrax vaccine that was forced on me and about a million other troops does NOT protect against weaponized anthrax. It only protects from bovine anthrax, which you won’t catch unless you’re a milkmaid in the 1700s.

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