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December 12, 2011


Hollywood Says Merry Sex-Mas!

by RogueOperator

Hollywood liberals have taken to openly desecrating the Christmas holiday for their own sick, shallow political purposes. This may sound like right-wing humbug, but I’m not a social conservative, or someone who lines up along the so-called “religious right.” But I do know what the left is up to, and it is worth relating should anyone have only taken notice, and not know exactly the source of the debauchery.

Television specials dealing with Christmas nowadays not only routinely omit any Christian significance or even simply a nod in the religious direction, they often strip out the word “Christ,” rendering it X-mas, or even more recently, “Holidays” (wait until a haughty leftist belatedly discovers the root word “Holy”).

A glance at popular children and teen television channels, Nickelodeon and Disney, shows a panorama rife with scantily clad telegenic young teens dressed like the whorish women of popular MTV culture. An episode of Victorious (looking more like Victoria’s Secret), Big Rush, and iCarly shows girls dressed like X-mas day strippers.

The most direct method of debauching Christmas has been rampant over-sexualization, which serves a dual purpose, in classic dialectical fashion: It sullies and “demystifies” Christmas, and degrades men, women, and even children into hedonistically copulating animals.

Is this a figment of an overactive imagination? Compare the outfits of the teens above, with those of several other slutty acts.

This is classic Lukacs and Gramsci, two Cultural Marxists about whom one can read more about here and here. It is too systematic and formulaic to be accidental. Where once we had such movies as It’s a Wonderful Life and A Miracle on 34th Street, now we have prancing scantily clad sluts serenading us to indulge our sexual fantasies on Christmas.

Once again, I am a libertarian when it comes to social conventions. I am also no morally uptight prude who thinks there is no place for discussion or depiction of sexuality among mutually consenting adults who should so choose to engage in it. The state should not have the power to espouse or restrict social opinion. But with an elected representative government, one should not expect policy to be made in a vacuum.

And the progressive left have seized control of several institutions, including the schools and the courts, to immorally pursue a destructive agenda predicated on state force.  They are mustering their future army by which to conquer America with hordes of self-deluded, self-entitled monsters who will ravage the economy with unending demands until one day they will discover that they will have to meet those demands themselves, only they will be brokered by a nearly all-powerful state.

This Christmas, make a special effort to teach any children you know the real meaning behind the holiday. Shelter him or her from the malevolent influences that are ravaging the culture at large.  Do not let the left commandeer the season, and turn it into the depraved festivus of their imaginations.

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  1. hey_sherm
    Dec 12 2011

    Even after watching each video ten times i’m still appalled i’ll try again tomorrow 😉

    • Dec 13 2011

      That wasn’t the intended effect, Sherm, but whatever makes you happy. 😉


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