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December 9, 2011

State of Delusion: Obama’s Kansas speech “Hit All the Right Points” Claims the Kansas City Red Star

by RogueOperator

If you were one of the hoi polloi crusing the Internet and happened upon the Kansas City Red Star’s article “Obama’s Speech Hit All the Right Points,” you might think it was a moderate, if slightly wonkish policy speech tailor-made to seize the middle ground of American politics. But it was nothing of the sort. Obama’s “New Nationalism” speech breaks all sorts of new ground as a stem-winding confessional that our dear president is a socialist rabble-rousing radical in the mold of his intellectual mentor Saul Alinsky.

Don’t let the smooth finish fool ya. President Obama’s speech was a heady brew of early twentieth century progressive shout-outs to his new presidential doppelganger Teddy Roosevelt, precipitated in a solution of redistributionist policies, scapegoating of the rich, and empty promises that bigger government will bring relief to the unflaggingly grim economic picture.

In fact, Obama even had the gall to claim that capitalism, rugged individualism, and liberty “never worked,” in contrast to the stellar record of socialism worldwide, and the shining example of his own failed presidency. Apparently, America got to be both the dominant world superpower through capitalism and liberty, but those “never worked,” you see. This blank assertion gives us an exquisite glimpse into the president’s warped psyche.

What Obama means by his broadside that capitalism and liberty “never worked” is that they have made the country rich and powerful, and thus inherently unequal and intrinsically bad. They “never worked” to make people economically equal, although the great majority are unimaginably well-off by world standards. They “never worked” to strengthen the state into the fundamental touchstone of all American life, thus depriving narcissistic elites like Obama of the influence they crave to stroke their own egos. They “never worked” to lay America low before its authoritarian, Islamist, and communist adversaries and enemies, and thus “what works” for Obama is to eradicate capitalism and liberty and level the world playing field. President Obama thus aims to put America where it belongs by remaking it into a mediocre, state-dominated country at best.

The left-wing will deny this narrative, but what else is it going to do? The elites have their man in power, and they dare not let the public in on what the president is actually trying to accomplish. The biased nature of the press should be apparent by the media’s stunning silence regarding the president’s belligerent foreign policy, which they squawked endlessly about under President Bush.

And why don’t they complain about it? Because unending wars help to serve the ultimate cause of bankrupting the country with massive and almost insurmountable public debt, eroding our Constitutional liberties at home, demoralizing the American military by overstretching it and handicapping it with weak rules of engagement, while keeping our patriotic soldiers offshore while it runs its crypto-socialist coup.

Crypto-socialist no more.

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