Saudi Government Executes Man for Sorcery

When you don’t separate religion from government, sometimes the government separates you from your religion. One way is by separating your body from your head.

The Saudi government, a seventh century blast-from-the-past regime subsidized by the world’s largest, most technologically advanced one, has just executed a man…for sorcery.

Forget what you might think about sorcerers. Sure, they look funny with those floppy, pointy hats and those wispy gray beards, but aside from some occasional out-of-control broomsticks, they’re really not all that bad.

A man should have the right to practice sorcery, whether the government thinks so or not.  As long as his sorcery doesn’t interfere with the rights of others, what’s the harm?

Sorcery is a human right, and it is time the Saudi government start respecting that.

Photo: Raistlin was well loved by the community for his delightful fireworks and penchant for playing three dimensional chess with no hands. He will be missed.


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