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December 9, 2011


Eric Holder Plays “McCarthyism” Card on Darrell Issa in Fast & Furious Poker Match

by RogueOperator

Attorney General Eric Holder responded to a salvo by GOP investigator Darrell Issa with a classic allusion to Communist-flusher Joe McCarthy, “Have you no shame?” Issa had compared Holder’s stonewalling of Richard Nixon’s Attorney General John Mitchell.

Issa immediately returned fire by responding, “Have you no shame?”

When an unrepentant leftist is being worked over, he will often turn to the “McCarthyite” card before he folds. The idea is to smear the interlocutor, whose motives are implied to create a witch hunt in order to brandish one’s intellectual opponents as extremists.

Such grandstanding is not productive as to proving Holder’s complicity in the notorious gun-running scandal Fast and Furious, which saw the Department of Justice’s cooperation in allowing guns to be illegally purchased and then run to Mexican drug cartels, possibly even with money-laundering involved.

An elaborate operation like Fast and Furious could not have been the work of a few rogue free lancers within a couple of Obama departments. It required collaboration across departments; therefore, it seems unlikely that Eric Holder, or even Homeland Secretary Janet Napolitano, had no knowledge of it. It is a fact that they had knowledge of the operation’s parent program, Project Gunrunner.

The declassifed Venona transcripts prove that Joe McCarthy was partially right, even if his tactics were decried by his opponents as being heavy-handed and malicious. But if you knew that Soviet agents of influence were penetrating your country, wouldn’t you be angry and a tinge paranoid? Wouldn’t you want to turn over every stone to try to find any subverters?

It cannot be seriously denied that the Soviets infiltrated the U.S. government at the highest levelsover sixty years ago. Declassified documents that are never discussed in the mainstream media show this to be the case.

Whatever harm McCarthy might have caused to innocent bystanders was accidental. That neither excuses him, nor proves he was completely wrong.

So Eric Holder’s sissy-crybaby “McCarthy” defense is not only lame, it’s also fraudulent and irrelevant.


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