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December 8, 2011


Eric Holder’s Solipsistic Defense of His Shady Role in Fast & Furious

by RogueOperator

Attorney General Eric Holder’s defense today in regards to the charge that he may have provided false information to Congress is that ‘it isn’t a lie if you don’t believe it.’ What happened to “ignorance of the law is no excuse”? Doesn’t apply to Attorney Generals, kind of like the tax code doesn’t apply to the Treasury Secretary?

Ignorance and incompetence is not a persuasive defense in Holder’s case. The Department of Justice and Department of Homeland Security, including Napolitano, announced Project Gunrunner in the first year of the Obama administration. Shortly thereafter, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was in Mexico City arguing on behalf of the small arms treaty CIFTA, while citing a statistic that claimed 90% of the guns used by the Mexican drug cartels came from the United States. This statistic was exposed by both FoxNews and Wikileaks to be highly erroneous.

Furthermore, under Hillary Clinton, Mexico became the second highest arms buyer for the U.S., and evidence shows that plenty of these weapons fell into the hands of drug cartels. Now questions are arising whether or not the DEA was even in on money laundering.

The entire operation reeks to high heaven. The picture that I get from my research is that the DOJ and DHS knowingly endangered American lives for the implicit purpose of undermining the Second Amendment to the Constitution. This is about the most insidious scandal to come out of the U.S. government for years. It is not hyperbole to call proof of organized complicity in this operation as no less than sedition committed against the American people.

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    Dec 9 2011

    When I was a police officer, if I had submitted a “misleading” search warrant application, or a “misleading” case file, I would have been fired and then charged with perjury. Probably sued too. But if a Democrat submits what equates to a “misleading” case file to congress, it’s just an oopsie situation.

    My gut says a lot of peeons will get canned, but Holder and the rest will serve their terms and go on to work on Wall Street or liberal think tanks. If anything, lying to congress in effort to get rid of 2nd Amendment rights will so endear Holder to the left that he will never be without work. Or without a phony “consultant” job like Bill Clinton gets from time to time.

  2. Dec 9 2011

    Say what? . . geezus-h-kerhist, would someone tell me please just why in the blazes congress hasn’t the cajones to just charge this prevaricating p o s for lawless disregard of constitutional law this jerk swore allegiance to uphold?

  3. Listening to Eric Holder I feel like I’m Alice in Wonderland watching a member of the Queen of Hearts administration.

    • Dec 9 2011

      I almost want to branch off of this site and make an entire spoof news blog called “Surreal Politics.” Someone already has a site by that name, but it’s trash.


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