Narrative Busting Poll: The Rich are Not Conservative Republicans

The following poll will be shoved into the cognitive “junk” folder of left-wingers’ imagination, like everything else that flies in the face of their fetid prejudices. But here it is nonetheless, a poll that confirms what conservatives have known all along – Gallup’s U.S. “1%” Is More Republican, but Not More Conservative.

The numbers for those making over $500,000 a year is as follows: 33% Republican, 41% Independent, and 26% Democratic. Factoring in the “leanings” of the Independents, 57% are said to lean Republican, and 36% Democratic. But here’s the deal-breaker for the OWS’ specious connection of the top earners with the conservative (read free market capitalist) right: 39% are conservative, 41% are moderate, and 20% is on the left.

In other words, they’re pretty much exactly like the rest of the country in terms of political preferences.

But let’s put some legs under this poll, which progressives will assuredly call meaningless. Among the biggest backers of Barack Obama in his 2008 campaign was the finance industry, including his second biggest contributor Goldman Sachs, and the sixth biggest JP Morgan Chase.  Obama dwarfed McCain in corporate campaign contributions, even though it was easily discoverable that Obama was a leftist, with provable and even admitted radical ties. (William Ayers admits he is a fundraiser, e.g.)

Let’s think about the theoretical implications of these facts. The left has been dining out on an “eat the rich” mentality for the last century, and the hard left even subscribes to a Marxist “class consciousness” narrative, in other words, the rich purportedly mind-controls the middle class and the lower class through propaganda and the superstructure of the state. Neomarxists speak of “cultural hegemony,” alleging capitalists dominate the public sphere.


The super-rich despise true capitalists because private property is a check on theft and the power of the state. Conservatives are not for an alliance of business and the state; furthermore, they are not for the power of the state to make such an alliance in the first place. They oppose economic intervention by the government, and one reason why is because the market is a mechanism for holding corporations accountable. When the government intervenes, it is generally to steal the fruits of people’s labor and redistribute them to political clients, shelter corporations from competitors or adverse workings of the market, or to otherwise subsidize interests in return for perqs and kickbacks.

It would behoove the 99% to get a little more education on economics, rather than blindly follow what statists purport will fix the situation, but only makes things worse.


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