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December 5, 2011

Ron Paul Aide Detainment by TSA Leads to Cosmetic Changes

by RogueOperator

Few government agencies have elicited more public outrage than the Transportation Security Agency or TSA. Yet Americans grudgingly bend to the whims of an agency that miraculously gets a “narrow” exemption to the Fourth Amendment, according to the Washington Times.

A fairly recent incident involving Ron Paul aide Steven Bierfeldt shows a rare exemption, and the proper way to oppose the prying questions of the TSA. Bierfeldt not only defied the demands of the agency to explain the $4700 in cash and checks he was carrying on him, but he also recorded the exchange on his Iphone.

Excerpts from the TSA’s confrontation with Bierfeldt are shown in the video below:

Beirfeldt was harassed by the TSA before he was threatened with interrogation by every agency from the local police to the DEA to the FBI. When a police officer arrived, he examined the evidence and immediately let the Campaign for Liberty staffer go.

The incident has led to some nationwide media attention, and resulting cosmetic changes to the law, which will  purportedly stipulate that the TSA cannot abuse its authority to go on “fishing expeditions” for crimes unrelated to airport and airline security. What this means in practice is a different story, because nearly anything can be rationalized away as related to such security operations.

Surprisingly, nothing has been said about Bierfeldt’s recording of government officials without their knowledge. He might have been tried and sentenced to life in prison, like Michael Allison of Illinois recently was.

Americans need to be as vigilant and stubborn in their principled and orderly non-compliance with the state’s decrees as Bierfeldt was, always standing on the authority of The Constitution and the Natural Law it represents. Such opposition not only legally grounds one’s standing in court, but exposes the fallacy of legitimate government functions if one’s rights are violated. An important part of defying the state is eroding its facade of legitimacy.

The solution to this entire mess is to marketize the transportation security industry. That way each company assumes its own risk, including its own payment of insurance, rather than socializing these costs to the American public, violating citizens’ Fourth Amendment rights, and routinely humiliating individuals with invasive and unnecessary procedures.


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