Police SWAT More Than Flies in Occupy D.C. Encampment

It is still unclear whether the Occupy movement will go out with a bang or a whimper, or both. A confrontation between police and the Occupy DC carnies led to a call for the SWAT team to dispense of the idiotic nuisances. A description of the stand-off reads like something from a Hunter S. Thompson novel:

Sgt. Schlosser said 31 people were arrested Sunday, most for disobeying police orders and crossing a police line. One protester, named David, also was slapped with public indecency and urination charges for allegedly relieving himself from atop the structure. He was the last protester to leave — to cheers from a crowd.

The showdown started before noon when police said organizers would need a permit and that they had an hour to take down the structure, which the protesters set up Saturday night.

Police then arrived on horseback, and the standoff extended into the evening with some protesters still on the roof of the structure as officers using a basket crane, or cherry picker, tried to remove them.

While the young NorthKoreanians believe themselves to be the vanguard of a brave new world, they are actually the relics of a philosophically dead and socially decaying welfare system. Theirs is a burgeoning counter-culture, in the bacterial sense, that merely serves to prop up the statist quo.


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