Dana Show: False Choice Between Mitt and Newt

Dana Loesch barely ducks an extremely loaded question, and comments that yours truly is one of her favorite callers. Warm and fuzzy feelings ensue.


8 thoughts on “Dana Show: False Choice Between Mitt and Newt

      1. Thanks. I’m falling behind! No more satellite on the TV. Too busy w/email’s local issues and looking for work. Ft Myers got rid of the park parasites. They are still roaming looking for a new settlement, but you helped w/ the rap sheet you sent. It was published and we appreciate the info.!

  1. What are your thoughts on the happenings in Wisconsin? The recall and the state as a swing state. Is it gonna be blue or red? Seems Mr. Soros also has some involvement in this state. Help!!!

  2. Micro-state politics is not my thing, Dawn, but I’ll venture a guess. It depends on the candidate. If Romney, it cd go red. I don’t like a more conservative Republican’s chances. But this is not a generalization. I think a conservative could do better in Ohio and Pennsylvania. Too many variables, too early to tell though.

  3. Next time, don’t hold back your true feelings for Romney!

    He doesn’t get a lot of love here in flyover country either.

    1. You’re sweet as always, Nora. Hope your family is fantastic, and it is nice getting in touch with you again. Hopefully, Facebook will be a bit easier for you to touch base with from time to time whenever you have something to say. Best, Kyle

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