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December 1, 2011


Occupy Lapdogs Begin Yipping and Nipping On Obama’s Heels

by RogueOperator

An Obama fundraiser in New York City has provoked howls and yelps from some of the Occupy Wall Street movement’s more wayward tramps. The hippie lapdogs may be yippie now, but if their master should throw them some Beggin’ Strips, they’re sure to cease their pathetic whelps and return to their parents’ doghouses from whence they came.

Even the sun shines on a dog’s ass some days, and a few of the protesters signs showed streaks of lucidity within a group flea-bitten with lunacy. Rare within the socialist fever swamp of the Occupy movement are a couple of insightful, or at least, accurate slogans:

“Obama is a corporate puppet!”

“War crimes must be stopped, no matter who does them!” (With side-by-side snapshots of Bush and Obama.)

“I sold out!” (Wearing a mask of Obama.)

Mostly right, so we’ll give them partial credit. Kind of when your dog tries to make it to the door before shitting on the carpet, you have to reward the effort. The Occupiers are starting to become a tiny bit like the overeducated, underinformed, non-house broken, economically illiterate version of the tea party, so you want to encourage further real world education outside the academic kennel.

Although we shouldn’t stretch that analogy too far, because the tea party wants jobs, not freebies. Its backers understand the nature of government intervention into the economy, and have known for three years that Obama is a socialist/corporate stooge.

While the tea party gets that crony capitalism is the problem, and not capitalism, the Occupiers think that the cure for more government ineptitude is more government control. It’s impossible to teach old leftist dogs new tricks, that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try to school the new pups that the old dogs are a bunch of lying bitches.

So much for dog analogies and the Occupy movement.

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  1. Dawn Shevlin
    Dec 1 2011

    RO – Just want to say thank you for all you do! Your posts are very informative and your up there w/Rush in my book! Do you have any idea how much you are helping all of us on the ground? Well that’s why I’m writing, to make sure you know that. 🙂

    • Dec 1 2011

      Super sweet! That gives me a lot of hope that if I keep writing, someday someone might think I’m worth bringing on board a publication.

      Take care, Kyle

      • Dawn Shevlin
        Dec 1 2011

        Oh, you’re worth it! I’m sure it is right around the corner for ya! Don’t ever stop.

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