Time to Pull Your Own Weight: Two Million British Public Sector Workers Strike for Better Pensions

Isn’t it a roundabout admission that public sector workers are not pulling their own weight when they strike for better pensions while their country is nearly a trillion pounds in debt and the unemployment rate is 8.3%?

These people need to quit piggy backing on producers and provide for their own pensions (and healthcare, etc.). That national debt is not an illusion. If everyone produces as much as he takes, the public debt disappears (subtracting military expenditures).

And isn’t it odd that both the above-pictured British union and America’s Service Employees International Union have chosen purple as their color, a perfect reflection of their presumed air of new nobility?

In related news, the absence of public service workers at Heathrow airport has actually led to more pleasant and efficient service. Hmm…what would Reagan do? Fire them all!


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