Explosive Rant Exposes Failures of England’s Multi-Culturalist Society

In an exquisite piece of irony, after writing a post on the Roman invasion of the Britons, to be followed in the future by posts on the invasions of the Angles and the Saxons, an English lady on a tram bursts in frustration at watching her society being shredded by mass immigration fueled by social welfare state policies.

Unsurprisingly, the lady was arrested for displaying non-state sanctioned anger and hatred. The transnational Occupy spawn are somehow allowed to not only breed their socialist and anarchist filth on the streets, but to throw molotov cocktails, break glass, and to commit acts of violence with barely any comeuppance. One angry mother on a tram is apparently a cause for the British PC force to lose its collective mind. Displays of frustration with the left will not be tolerated.

Though the lady does go off on racist tangents, the underlying animus is her grief at the loss of her culture and pride in her country. This may seem like a virulently nationalist sentiment, but if one love’s one’s nation for what it stands for, why is that inherently bad? The British used to stand for freedom, capitalism, and opposition to continental European scourges like the Nazis. Nationalism wasn’t such a nasty thing then, was it?

Now what does Great Britain stand for? Free healthcare for all? Don’t you have to enslave a people to pay for that? And if you import immigrants from around the world to take advantage of that system, aren’t you enslaving the citizenry to the newly immigrated? It should not be a surprise when resentment ensues.

This opinion is not based on racism, it has nothing to do with race. It has everything to do with culture. When you allow the dregs of other societies to come in, take advantage of society, and order you around on how to run your country, then it should be no surprise when your country turns out to look just as miserable as the ones the immigrants fled from.

Americans know the feeling.

While particular immigrants should not be blamed, the government should.  Lax immigration standards and the social welfare state is a particularly potent recipe for disaster. We should take notice in the United States before it is too late.


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