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November 29, 2011

Chris Christie’s New Viral Video is Just Smokescreen for the Leftist Agenda

by RogueOperator

Chris Christie has a history of coming up with tasty soundbites that give conservative Americans much-craved red meat. But if you get past the style to the substance, you can read between the lines. Sure, what is Obama getting paid for? The answer he is getting paid to steamroll the country into adopting the left-wing agenda, that’s what. And he has been damn effective at doing that.

In my view, Christie’s dressing down is an effective smokescreen for the Marxists. Yes, the government is failing, but it is failing by design. Politicians in Washington don’t have Americans’ best interests in mind but simply cannot figure out how to further them. It is very simple – they can leave us alone.

Instead, Christie here seems to think tea party outrage stems from us not thinking big government works efficiently or effectively. Wrong. It’s a principled thing. It’s not about taxes, it’s not about efficiency, it is about FREEDOM.

I own my own life, I want to live my own life, I want to direct my own life, I want to work and support myself, I want to save some money, I want to leave something to my kids, and I want to make a small contribution to the benefit of mankind, if I am able.

That is it. I want politicians to go away, and that includes pragmatic Republicans like Chris Christie, Mitt Romney, John McCain, Lyndsey Graham, who think they can make out of control government run more smoothly. I want it done away with.

I want my freedom back, and I want to determine my own future to the extent that I am able. Protect me, protect my property, protect my family, don’t try to brainwash my kids, don’t steal from me, don’t lie to me, and don’t try to make it out like I’m the problem. The government’s the problem – the size, scope, and reach of the government. That is it. Rant over.

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