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November 28, 2011

An Open Letter to Senators to Oppose the National Defense Authorization Act

by RogueOperator

Dear Senators,

There is a time for eloquence in the defense of one’s liberties, and a time to be blunt. This is a perverse, sick, twisted, evil, and ultimately, self-destructive bill that would not only erode the Constitutional order that has held the country in tact for over two centuries, but provide the legal premises for a police state.

This may sound just fine to the politicians in Washington, who naively plan to reap the rewards of enslaving a nation of three hundred million people. But to the rest of us, it is a call to start the process of dissolving the bands of government. Once the moral legitimacy and authority of the federal government is ruined by such wanton tyrannical actions as the American people have been experiencing as of late, it is beyond repair, rent, torn, and no amount of clamoring or demagoguing will put the nation back together again. Nor will massive police and military intimidation assuage the anger, frustration, and despair of the people. The country will be in decline and headed towards irreparable fracture, each disposed to go his own separate way, drawn to the nascent political community he may find most convenient.

The purpose of government is to protects the lives, liberty, and property of the citizens that incorporate it; not to serve the interests of the few at the expense of the many. Such a ruse can continue only so long before all confidence in the government is forsaken, and men are obliged to dispel the tyranny encompassing them like dark clouds in their midst.

There is a ray of hope that politicians can shine into the nation, and that is to oppose such draconian strictures and lift the yokes from the backs of the people. What glory can be had by imposing servitude upon men, who will resist to the last and despise the enslavers? What is life but the pursuit of glory, and how can glory be had by bringing misery and bloodshed to the people? Or is it the hollow promise of ever more sums of wealth that is the impetus for this rearguard struggle against reaction? How can people but react when their lives and fortunes are being incrementally stolen away?

Oppose this bill, and more broadly, oppose tyranny. It is a road to ruin for the many, and a path to infamy for history’s persecutors.

Sincerely, Kyle Becker
PhD. Student, Political Science
M.A. Russian, East European, and Eurasian Studies


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