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November 27, 2011


Mark Steyn Frames the Debt Debate in Such Simple Terms, Even a Liberal Can Understand It

by RogueOperator

Mark Steyn incants “More More More/ How Do You Like It?”  – a 1970s anthem sung by former porn actress  Andrea True – as the perfect theme song for the obliviously imploding American republic. Forget billions and trillions in the dawdling debt debate, let’s go back to simple ratios.

We’re approaching a state in which the government spends $4 trillion but only raises $2 trillion. Which is an existential threat to the nation, but at least has the advantage of being one whose arithmetic is simple enough even for politicians: Try to imagine every aspect of government having to make do with half of what it currently has.

That’s the scale of reform necessary to save America from a future as a bankrupt, violent, Third World ruin. More, more, more, how do you like it? More poverty, more crime, more corruption, more decay: how do you like that?

Spending twice as much as we take in. Will taxing the rich into non-existence change that? Will scrapping our entire military change that? Will saber-rattling against China without changing our economic relationship with that ascending power change that?

No. Fundamentally, we are screwed. Steyn is great because he forces Americans to take a long hard look in the mirror; and often that mirror is the collapsing European model of the social welfare state. While the socialist left will press harder to scapegoat capitalism and demand even more radical “reforms,” they will essentially be prescribing more of the same poison pill they have been dosing the West with for over the last century.

More, More, More. How Do You Like It?

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