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November 27, 2011


Doug Giles Schools Spoiled #OWS Brats: From a Global Perspective, the 99 Percent Are Actually the 1 Percent

by RogueOperator


Doug Giles, the father of sassy ACORN infiltrator Hannah Giles (he’ll have to forgive me for posting a pic of his slightly more photogenic daughter), has got a few choice words for the Occupy Wall Street brats.

As I watch the various college-aged Occupiers in their True Religion jeans talk about how bad they’ve got it while they tweet on their Macs during a catered lunch consisting of salmon filets with dill sauce as a Rasta Columbia grad student strums gently on his Washburn 118SW, I keep thinking, “You charmed babies don’t have it that bad.”

Matter of fact, from an earth angle, you are truly the fortunate ones and have hit the lifestyle lotto. Trust me, there are stacks of people from developing countries who would love to have what you ingrates whine about. Just ask an illegal alien.

For instance …

1. Clean Water. Please bear in mind, Occupiers, that when you crack open your Evian or get a glass of water from your dorm room faucet that 884 million people worldwide drink water out of crap puddles. Also, even though it doesn’t look like many of you cats bathe, when you do scrub your undercarriage during a five-minute shower, know that you have burned more aqua in that foray than a normal Joe in a third world county has in the last 24 hours. Just a little FYI.

2. Toilets. I know some of your crew like to forego toilets and port-a-potties and drop deuces on police cars and American flags and urinate in public, but please understand that the mere fact that you’ve got an option to use an American Standard truly tosses you into the cultural elite class. Yep, worldwide 40% of our globe’s population (2.6 billion people) is forced, out of poverty, to pop a squat in the brush because they are that broke. [Continued…]

We need to change the big government formula and start weening the Occucriers off the producers’ teets. The first babystep in that direction is getting all Americans to realize how good they’ve had it. If the Democraps get their way, our relatively safe, prosperous, and free country will “change” and no amount of pure hope will get it back.

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  1. loopyloo305
    Nov 27 2011

    You are so right, we need to quit coddling our children and go back to making them do some work so that they appreciate the time and effort involved in procuring the very things that they are so willing to take advantage of. Most of them seem to think that it just come from the air, cut the cell phones and video games down to a couple of hours a day, send them outside to see the world they complain about, make them put some effort in to obtain the rewards and teach them the truth about our history and hopefully the Bible as well!

    • Nov 28 2011

      Those are some practical, real world solutions all parents can do. Exactly right.

    Nov 27 2011

    But no matter how much of a fool the OWS crowd acts, no matter how much property they destroy, no matter how many rapes and robberies occur at their “protests”, the TEA party are still the crazy people.


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