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November 26, 2011


The Twilight of Civilization: Women Fantasize about Werewolves and Vampires in a Culture Without Real Men

by RogueOperator

When civilizations die, all manner of bizarre ideas arise. Twilight, the pop culture phenomenon that has swept millions of women up into flights of fantasy over a brooding pseudo-vampire named Edward and a virtually hairless, bare-chested werewolf named Jacob, signifies the end of masculine culture in America.  The only thing that could have made the metrosexual victory over the detesticlized populus more complete was if the soundtrack was sung by Justin Bieber.

Teenage girls camping out for days in freezing temperatures to engage in an estrogen orgy with fellow Twihards displays the glaring vagina-like vacuum in our culture.

Women in the 1930s and 40s pined over the likes of the swashbuckling Errol Flynn, the debonaire Clark Gable, the rough-riding Gary Cooper, and the man’s man Cary Grant. Beginning in the 1950s, male heartthrobs began to be tailored to a younger audience. While Elvis Presley is not as androgynous as a singer in a 1980s boy band, his gyrations are a move in that direction. Even James Dean, as presumably dangerous and dashing as he was portrayed, shows a development into the Luke Perry mold of the teen dream.

We are now seeing a further morphing into the unreal that is becoming the iconic male. As our nation’s male leads transformed from men to boyz, it was expected at first for women to ask, “Where have all the cowboys gone?” But now we are seeing the rise of pure fantasy – not for manly men, but for undead underwear models who are a buck-fifty soaking wet. This cannot be a good sign.

It’s not even like the cinematic depictors of Twilight even bothered to pay tribute to the horror genre that gave rise to the modernized lycanthrope and vampire. The lead female character Bella Swan is portrayed by Kristen Stewart, a sour girl with the emotional range of a grapefruit. Her faithful eternal lover is Edward the vampire, a sliver of a man who is immune to daylight, need not sleep in a coffin, and barely has a taste for human blood. He is just, well, undead; and that means lots of light blue makeup, heavy mascara, and a tinge of blood red lip gloss. Her would-be werewolf lover is Jacob, a shirtless suitor with a swimmer’s physique, and the embodiment of raging testosterone.  The love triangle never goes so far as menage a trois; but indulgence into transformation fetishes abounds.

Speaking of transformation, the cinema’s castration of men as a whole corresponds to the appearance of grotesque sexuality prior to the decline of civilizations in world history. In ancient Greece, for example, the play Lysistrata expressed women’s desire to end the Peloponnesian War – by withholding sex from their partners. Whether or not the idea of pussy whipping men caught fire before Athens was defeated by the Spartans and Sicilians is unclear; but surely, such a play had to be demoralizing since it trivialized the war effort.

Under the Roman Empire, sex was an object of magical spells, and pornography was openly displayed even in aristocratic households. Tales of debauchery under the emperors are world renown, the most famous being the depraved orgies of Caligula, though they surely were missing something without Helen Mirren. Sexual excess was a symptom of a general license the aristocracy felt, as it became further removed from feelings of responsibility and duty to the Roman state.

The British Empire, with its puritanical standards, was always at the extreme end of prudishness; counter-intuitively, the social aversion to even discussing sex in public fed feelings of guilt, and resulting fetishism in the bedroom.  The lack of a culture that discussed healthy sex led to civilizational erosion, as women became frigid and men became freaky.  Birthrates unsurprisingly declined, and the Brits were no longer able to maintain a hold on colonies spread across the face of the earth.

In America, we have been able to remain strong and vigorous by respecting virile men and culturally revering such masculine occupations as ranching, manufacturing, and military service. Now a snobbish effete elite have taken over Hollywood, and are regaling us with the insipid metrosexual fantasies of their insulated cultural milieu. That women have devolved into fantasizing about hairless werewolves and dickless vampires is a clue that maybe some real men need to start making some movies, and that includes showing women something real to fantasize about.

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  1. arva
    Nov 26 2011

    Being a mother of all girls, now young women, I was repeatedly mystified during the childhood years by how the mothers of boys seem to coddle their sons to extremes. One small example: Throughout the years, my girls would be out playing soccer in brisk weather with short sleeves and I’d look over at the boys game going on the next field over and each boy would have a long sleeve shirt on under their uniforms. Interestingly enough, this would hold true for short-sleeved sisters and their long-sleeved brothers. Same mother, different treatment. Maybe modern mothers are harder on their daughters due to the subconscious mis-guided message of “feminism” but it does play into the softening of our society’s boys in general. My own mother has been pointing this decline in male idols for decades now. She said the minute she saw Mick Jagger on television with women swooning over his dripping androgeny, the society was sunk.

    • Nov 26 2011

      Mick Jagger – good reference. I guess David Bowie could fin in there as well, but he was hardly a sex symbol. Interesting comment, arva.

  2. Nov 26 2011

    Ok, I’m not going to argue your point here, because I think it’s valid. There is a decline in “Manly Men” out there. I believe it’s due to feminism & our current pop culture trends aren’t helping at all.

    That said… this is bugging me. I don’t think you read the books. Please don’t judge the characters by the movies. Ugh. The books are so much better (but you do have to keep in mind they are written to a Tween-Teen age group).

    The vamps do struggle with their need for human blood. It’s mentioned several times that animal blood is the equivalent of trading that porterhouse steak for a plate of Tofu. Ick. Edward has very good control of his urges, but he is pushed to the breaking point by Bella. Her blood “sings” to him, and it’s all he can do to not rip her apart the instant he meets her. But his restraint is borne out of his mind reading skills. In the book it’s explained that he did go off the “veggie” diet for a while. He even used his mind reading skills to pick out only the dregs of society to feed on. But the thoughts of his victims overwhelmed him. He went back to Carlise and the “Veggie Diet”. FWIW – Carlise started on the “veggie” diet because of his strict moral beliefs that killing humans was wrong. At the end of book one, Ed almost kills Bella while trying to save her, because of his bloodlust.

    Jacob is the boy who just doesn’t want to give up. He’s Bella’s best friend, but he wants more that she won’t give. Admittedly, Meyer lost me with Jacob’s imprinting on Bella’s baby… But Jacob’s man roll in the book is add some drama and tension to Bella’s relationship with Ed, because of the whole Wolf/Vamp mortal enemies thing.

    Bella’s character is way more complex than KStew’s portrayal. This is a girl who has always been in charge. Her mother is flighty and irresponsible. Bella was the mom in that relationship. Then she moves to WA, not because she wants to, but because mom has remarried and wants to go on the road with her new hubby, but won’t if Bella is there. Once Bella gets to WA, she starts taking care of her father – cleaning & cooking for him. When she meets Edward, her world spins out of her control. Suddenly, she is powerless and dependent on him for her own safety. Yet she struggles to maintain control over her fate. She’s the one who comes up with the plan to save her father’s life. In the end **spoiler alert** It is Bella who proves to be the reason the family is victorious against the Volturi.

    Yes…. I’m a fan of the books, and will own all the movies… No, I don’t get the cougars who are all about Team Edward and swooning over the dirty, nasty RobPatt — man needs a shower stat!! I think Kstew & RobPatt’s “Relationship” is a publicity stunt, and Taylor Lautner is soooo Jailbait it’s not funny. The cougars on Team Jacob are just as bad as the hordes of dudes who got all excited on Mary Kate & Ashley’s 18th birthday cuz they were finally legal. Ick.

    People are weird. Real men need to make a comeback – which is why my husband (who is the manliest Manly Man I know) and I are raising our boys up to be manly men. And for the record, my daughter HATES Justin Bieber, so I know I’m doing something right. 😉 It’d be nice to see the good ol’ western cowboy make a comeback.

    • Nov 27 2011

      Thanks for taking me deeper into the Twilight world. I’m sure the books are better, but my take was basically about the plot premise and what it says about the culture. I’m sure there is more nuance to it, but I am basically trying to explain why the concept is such a big hit.

      Never be sorry for “writing a book.” Thanks, Kyle

  3. Nov 27 2011

    I like your pseudo-vampire comment , LOL. Edward is no Real Vampire just as most Men today are Pigs so I can see why why they would fantasize about Fiction. That is Romance novels are such high sellers cause Real Romance is dying anymore.


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