Russian News Anchor Gives Obama the Bird During Live Broadcast

This is a fun video, on the one hand, because I hate Obama. On the other hand, it was disturbing because we are talking about an American President, kinda, and the Russians are supposed to be this administration’s pals.

Time for another “reset” button?

The translation for the news segment comes from a “Reader” of Weasel Zippers, where I first saw the video. Speaking Russian, I confirm it to be accurate.

Dmitry Medvedev became today the chairman of the APEC. Previosly that post was occupied by American President Barak Obama. SIGN

On the press conference summarizing the forum, which took place at Honolulu, the capital of Hawaii, Medvedev talked, amongst other things, about cooperation with Americans in the area of anti-missile defense. For now negotiations between Russia and USA on this subject did not result in success.

No journalist working in Putin’s “democratic” Russia could get away with doing this on air without tacit or express approval from the Kremlin. That should be a little wake up call to Barry that other countries may love him for wrecking America, but they don’t respect him.

Whether we are talking about ABM in Europe, the exposed spy ring, or Russia’s assistance to Iran’s nuclear program, Obama has become a tool of Russian foreign policy and he is probably too dumb to know it. At least I hope he is too dumb to know it.

World peace, right Obama? You putz.


3 thoughts on “Russian News Anchor Gives Obama the Bird During Live Broadcast

  1. ABSOLUTELY PRICELESS! So Obumble got himself a bird for Thanksgiving. lol And it came from an award winning news caster toboot. This has got to be the best news footage for 2011 in all the world! I hope this lady wins another news reader’s awardfor best footage of the year.

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