Mika Brzezinski Dumb-Founded at Newt’s Advice for OWS to ‘Get a Job’

Morning Shmo hostess Mika Brzezinski was rendered nearly speechless this morning by Newt Gingrich’s proposal that the Occupants “go get a job, right after they take a bath.” The bubble-headed blonde burst out into near sobbing rebuttals of “Wow!” followed by “arrogant and self-unaware” and “Disgusting!” ended by “That’s all I’ve got to say about that.”

The stupefied Brzezinski, who only seems to have a job at MSNBC because her daddy was a big shot in the Carter administration, was cognitively unable to grasp the simple point that Newt was trying to make: If you want something, you pay for it. Apparently that’s controversial in the echo chambers of counter-intuitive mantras the left-wing media have become.

Being a lefty means constantly living in a world of cognitive dissonance, and when confronted with the reality that Mika is the consummate “one percenter,” she strikes down Newt for being one. Ridiculously, she then turns to the Alinsky playing card of stupid, pointless ridicule and tells Newt to “go take a bath.” (Where’d that come from?)

One can see the flabbergasted expressions of the sappy socialists as they look around to each other for support, and Mika’s life-line was answered when a panelist started rambling incoherently about the disgusting “inequality” in the country and the “abuse of power” by those on Wall Street.

On Wall Street? The bankers didn’t give themselves TARP, or pass the stimulus bill. And if the squawkers had bothered checking the news, they would find out how ridiculous they look: It seems the best predictor of a representative’s vote on TARP was if he owned bank stock. Busted.

“Incisive” commentary like this only goes to show what living inside a left-wing social circle is like: Constant affirmation of the politically correct point of view, and frantic searches for reinforcement whenever the insulated worlds of their warped perception are punctured.


3 thoughts on “Mika Brzezinski Dumb-Founded at Newt’s Advice for OWS to ‘Get a Job’

  1. Excuse my language but what does this rich dumb bimbo know about the average man? She is wealthy as heck. Her father was the former National Security Adviser. She just rambles about the poor man but deep down, she has no empathy.

    And also note that this woman is the one who went on tirade about MSNBC not paying her what she is worth. She is not worth much quite frankly. If you examine everything she says — her opinion has no concrete reasoning.

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